Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Hi everyone, just popping in to see whats new and to let everyone know i am still here. I may not be commenting/posting on the blogs i am following very regular right now, but i am popping in to as many i follow as i can i assure you all.

I think i mentioned in the last post that i would once i was up to it go find some unfinished project(s) to paint whilst i recovered from my recent heart attack. Now as many long time followers will know whist i can paint i truly don't enjoy it. Please don't ask why i just don't know for sure lol. Anyway i spent a little time going through old projects looking for a couple of pieces that would be just the right size to last me a few weeks painting whilst i recover.

It took me longer than i thought it would to go rummaging through boxes for any finished waiting to be painted items to find a piece or two i could paint whilst i recover in the end. In fact just having any kind of prolonged conversation is amazingly tiring. I have in the end finally found two pieces that i would actually like to paint as i recuperate though as it turns out.

Both are Bonsai trees, life like sculptures both growing up off rocks with the typical dropping sweeping style that i put together quite a while ago now. In fact so long ago i totally forgot i made these pieces lol. One is completely finished only waiting for paint. A tree growing off a leaning rock in a rectangular trough like container.
The other one still needs a little work but i should be able to finish in a few days. This one is growing off an upright rock. The tree and rock are finished but i never got to doing the trough holder for it. I have some un-finished bowls though that i can easily slip the rock and tree into then it too will be ready to go to final paint. I spent the last two days setting it into the bowl, i just need a day or two to trim it off before getting to paint now.

The containers of both will be Terracotta finish when painted.
I will be starting to paint both these some time (mid week) next week. Whilst not massive they are large and to scale in respect to Bonsai displays and should give me something to do for the next few weeks which covers my recovery nicely.

Who knows i may even come to enjoy painting afterwards? Okay okay so that might be asking way too much for me i suppose lol. I doubt it but you never know eh lol. As soon as i am up to setting them up to photograph i will post the unpainted sculptures for you all to see.

More soon.