Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Okay It has been a relatively short path as far as experimenting goes in the case of my White Matter© at least. As with most experiments not a total success at first mixed but positive results at least. Still in the end i got the results i was looking for with version 2.6. Of course i was looking to create a medium i could primarily use in latex moulds myself. With little adjustments this medium can be made a little thicker to then be used on existing armatures, existing plaster or indeed White Matter© projects in building, adding to or repairing said forms.

Since 'my' own requirements called for large batches to be made as i was (am) working from several moulds at once with a high production of such skulls being required for numerous projects, i naturally made a large batch, also for my experiments once i knew the right direction to take with the formulae. Of course it stands to reason since a side effect is that it can stand for several days in or out of a refrigerator and still be a working medium. Other users who may not require such a large batch even though it will keep until required again with inevitably have to experiment with smaller batches of their own. It stands to reason too that they may wish to experiment with making adjustments to the water, plaster and the retardent levels of the pure PVA glue in 'theyre' batches of course. Other than mentioning how to and possible effects i have not addressed this in too much depth as it is a simple matter even for the most newest experimenter to grasp.

If not i am at hand to assist where i can of course.

So for now as i say i have what i was looking to create for my own purposes, having past on the recipe and other information too. I feel it is time i got to work getting on with the task at hand not only producing the skulls in this medium i require but also to get back to older projects and indeed unfinished posts on my blog here.

Before i do just that however it dawned on me i have discussed in the past posts my aims and achieved goals for and with the medium. But i have not yet given any evidence to back up my claims as yet. So whilst i am closing the doors on this feature for the time being. I will be returning to the experimenting table with this medium at a later date. I still have a few ideas, theories i want to throw in the mix as it were but that's for later as i say lol.

Until then here is as they say around my area "The proof in the pudding is in the eating" or "It does what it says on the tin" by way of a short (high speed) video of myself sculpting one of my White Matter© skulls using a power tool. Of course it can and i have in the recent past used a craft knife but that is a slow method of sculpting best suited to a 'few' items. As i say i have a 'lot' to make then sculpt the final forms into. So with further talk here is me sculpting one of my skulls.


  1. Thanks Jonty ... I've been following the series and hope to test a batch of white matter soon. Can I ask what bit you're using in your rotary tool for finishing the skulls? Looks like you're using both the top and the sides to cut/smooth out. Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous: Indeed your correct. The business end of the 'bit' is a 1cm long tapered to a point sculpting/grinding tool bit. It has a very fine rough surface.

    The rotary tool has 6 settings. To cut out the large 'chunks' of White Matter the tool is set at setting 4. To do the final sculpting/smoothing out etc it is set a setting 2.

    Always let the tool cut at it's 'own' pace. When smoothing only touch the project with a touch as light as possible or you will sculpt out huge swaths of material lol. Practice makes perfect as they say lol.