Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Before i begin this post i MUST point out my children (mostly in their 20+'s now 4 still at home) AREN'T deliberately destructive when it comes to my paper mache projects. They just don't stop & think when they dump things down or knock things over. Of course no one admits or tells me they knocked, crushed or broke something that may be drying or what may be at a crucial delicate stage etc either. Anyway for reasons that would take too long to explain i have two projects that are in my collection of current 'unfinished fix & re-model' phase.

I cycle through un-finished/damaged projects as i constantly create new projects be they simply for my  HOW TO video's on YouTube or idea's that won't stop popping into my head & won't leave me alone to finish others started earlier. So here are those 2 pieces.

The first is an un-finished project. Part of my DRAGON SLAYER SERIES i started a while ago now.

This is the hilt of a two handed sword i started some time ago. I started this & the wall mount holder but never started the blade until two days ago. On this the hilt i am going to re-model the dragon heads.

This is the blade. For some unknown reason the photograph shows the blade twisted & bend. It is in fact straight & flat. It does of course need to be sanded down when fully dry to give it the real blade look & feel but thats a few days away. The blade is around 1 meter long & around 4 inches wide at the widest section.

This is the un-finished wall mounted display bracket. It is only pinned to the wall at the moment for storage until i finish it by 4 small panel pin nails. The finished piece will have 2 holes drilled for screws.

Here it is with the hilt seated in position again to keep it safe until finished.

Now to my un-finished 'broken' project. Again part of my DRAGON SLAYER SERIES my bone skull axe & sheild. Here the sheild is depicted pre-teeth added & with the original leg bone shaft. The shaft was broken one day. So i not only began to re-design the shaft but have also begun to re-design the blade too.

The original stage with original blade & leg bone shaft.

The NEW shaft. No decoration added at this stage but it will be different when finished soon.

The replacement axe blade. Bigger, bolder with more style to it with the heavier side of the blade sweeping down as apposed to the original ballanced style.

More on these projects as they develope.


  1. amazing works !i'm looking forward to see them finished or re-finished!;)

  2. Lol a few more days yet as the skull axe replacement blade & the sword blade have to dry FULLY before i can sand the living daylights out of them to put REAL cutting edges on them then Dragon Skin them & re-sand on the edges again lol. Of course they are NOT meant a useable weapons, but because of the PVA glue i use & the paper swapping technique. The edges WILL be almost razor sharp. The 'original' skull axe blade could slice open a standard food tin!.

  3. P.S. I will be (hopefully) be painting the skull sheild later today.