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Monday, 7 December 2009


Well as the regular visitors will instantly be aware of i have been makig a few 'minor' alterations to my blog. It's something i was wanting to do once i reached 100 posts but never had the time. Until now that is.The changes are only very subtle ones (panick averted i hope lol), nothing radical. I have reduced the amount of posts displaid for one thing. From now on any posts that reach 14 days old from the date of posting will be archived. Anyone wanting to read older posts can easily find them in the archive links on the right hand side of this page as of today. Since many of my posts tend to stretch out a little (ahem!, i do tend to ramble on a bit) i guessed once i reached 100 posts then this would be a more manageable for the readers out there.

Many of my posts are accompanied by HOW TO videos on YouTube again something which many of my regular visitors will know, but these last couple of days have been busy (utter & total chaos in fact) as i have been trying to pack in as many last minute posts as i can (I am supposed  to be ofline for the Christmas holidays a 20+ year tradition since my early Amstrad CPC days) unfortunately i haven't had a chance to make sure the HOW TO links to my YouTube videos are up to date. I WILL try to fix this over the next few days if i can. If i don't then you can find out whats new & whats not by simply going to YouTube & searching for "Darkjonty2" thats ME.

I recieved my first award from a visitor in Poland today. So with this & any other awards i may recieve (NOT a hint honestly it's not) i have decided as a thankyou 'back' to any future sender i would activate a direct link on the award image back to the senders top listed blog. This first award was given by: By K who has more than one active blog, so i simply chose one at random for the link back. If award senders wish me to link back to a 'particular' blog of theirs in future please let me know which one you would 'prefer' me to do so with or as in this case i will simply choose one at random.

So this most likely is my last real post for this year. I will try to drop what i can off in here over the next few weeks of the holidays. Though how many & how often i make of any more posts this year i can not say at this time. I WILL how ever be checking in regularly for comments etc & i WILL respond to any comments made on a regular basis.

Whats to come after the holidays then?

Well i do not want to give too much away, but lots more great stuff i promise you. Soon after the turn of the year i am going to be building a NEW PC for myself. I built this one several years ago. The pounding it has taken from extended use by family members has left it some what lacking in get up & go lol. At the same time i WILL be buying some NEW digital recording hardware & lighting to improve my video quality & static image production for both my YouTube HOW TOO's as well as the pictures i use in here.

Once i have that sorted i will be working on a DVD book giving away ALL my secrets in paper mache art. These WILL include several 'MECH' projects i have/am working on as well as several i have been planning for some time.

So i am off outta here for now. Iwill speak to you all again very soon. Have a good holiday (those who celebrate it).


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