Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


As the first free give away competition of mine draws ever closer (only 9 posts to go after this one) I thought you might like a final sneek peek of Sharky before his debute show case video that will mark the official start of the competition. I thought i might add some information about HOW i seal my project too for those who might have questions about the best (or some of the best) ways to do this. Everyone has different methods for sealing & drying theyre projects at the final stages. In most cases there is no problems. I have two types of sealer i prefer to use. For my most likely not to be handled too often or roughly projects i use a spray on sealer such as a clear gloss finish. When it comes to larger projects that are more likely to be handled a lot more often & roughly. I prefer to use a good branded brush on water based varnish. Note i only use water based varnish as it tends to be cheaper & i can wash my brushes also saving money too.

This is in fact how i will be sealing ALL my Troll  Screamers with a brush on water based varnish finish. Of course there is another reason i use a brush on varnish on my Troll Screamers too. I use water based paints on my projects simply because they mix better with my dragon skin which is a PVA & flour mix & still give the same look when dried as when they are used alone, a nice soft dusty look. If i want a super high gloss look to my paint finish i add some undilluted PVA glue to the paints & then either seal with a clear gloss spray or brush on varnish. In the case of my Troll Screamers  how ever if i DON'T add any PVA to the paint while painting. When i come to brush on the varnish sealer the paint is slightly re-activated then the different colours gently blend into each other where they overlap. Giving the finished look a nice soft toned natural finish.

Now i did say there is normally no prblems when sealing earlier. What i meant by this is in the case of free standing figures such as 'most' of my Troll Screamers (some will have clothing etc to aid standing) where the figures have thin or weak legs & are supporting a large upper body mass. Even when that upper body mass is hollow & as light weight as possible (as in ALL my work) 'some' weight issues can arise when painting & then finally sealing the project(s). Nine times out of ten even the slightest increase in weight CAN & WILL push down on the projects legs etc & alter the final pose you created & want. Again in 'most' cases either hanging or aiding drying with some kind of 'resting' support may not be an option since string, hooks or other support will obviously damage the sealing finish.

In the case of my Troll Screamers ALL the above mentioned factors ARE an issue. So how then do i get around this final sealing stage?

(Click on image to see full size)

Sharky shown here hanging upside down by 'both'  his feet on string loops & ceiling hooks has just had the soles of his feet painted. Once this new paint dries fully i can then sign one sole then add the brush on varnish to both the soles of his feet the also his lower legs too. By adding the varnish seal finish to his legs at the same time as his feet 'before' sealing his upper body i can make his legs slightly stronger than they already are. When i come to varnish his upper torso i should have little to no worries about his pose being altered too radically if at all.

So the next time you see Sharky here it will be his debute show case video in which i will  show you a more in depth look at him of course also sporting his cutlass & removable hat lol. Remember only 9 posts to go folks. Are you ready to try to win him?

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