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Sunday, 20 June 2010


So life being life, & this piece of it being my life did what it likes to do - Mess with me.
Yesterday being Saturday nothing went right but everything sure went wrong. By the time i got to doing anythng i had somethIng like two hours before my normal quiting time for the day, so i got nothing prepared yesterday for the main work on my custom novelty foot stool HOW TO. So i rose early today to rush to get the project up to where i would have normaly been up to by today.

I prepared everything, cut all the bits out to shape, & covered up/tidied up the exsisting box i am using then set it to one side to dry under my nice new drying chamber lol. Whilst that was drying i thought i'd do a quick 5 MINUTE QUICKY 'VIDEO' on using normal spray paints & also the stone finish spray paints i use from time to time (see my previous post on salvaging failed bowl projects further down the blog). I had no sooner shot the spray paint video footage & was going to go get the modyfied box to start the remaining part of the foot stool build when the family started pilling into the dinning room & shoving presents in my arms?

I was totally baffled by this as it's not my birthday until December 02. I looked at them all asking what was going on. They looked at me like i had five heads or had something wierd dribbling out my ears & exclaimed "It's fathers day you fool". So i downed tools, packed things away & went to put my feet up & see what they got me. More on that another time.

Sudenly having nothing to do became a little tedious so i have popped back into the PC/Craft room (dinning room lol) to edit the quick paint video footage to post here.

The spray paint video footage i was going to turn into a 'quick' 5 MINUTE QUICKY 'video' post has gone down the pan. I just checked the footage & it's all too dark to use!. I think i was just NOT meant to do anything this weekend!!. Normal services (well normal for me) will resume as soon as possible everyone. I'm outta here before who knows what else goes wrong.

My foot stool HOW TO project will resume tomorrow & i will post the whole thing as soon as possible. Sorry about the delay.

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