Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Amongst the many (too many) projects i have going on right now. Some of the key projects i am trying to concentrate on are skull related. The skulls range from what i am calling my grunge skulls, skulls that are a step short of cartoony in design. To not quite grunge skulls, skulls that are a step up from the grunge skulls but still not quite realistic skulls. Then there (i hope) comes my realistic skulls. These last versions are to be around 80% realistic in design.

Obviously the more realistic i make them the more time they are going to take to make, but then i can make (as i want to soon) higher end projects from. Below is the first attempt at a more realistic skull. Of course this first skulls lacks the detailed features at this stage & does not even have any teeth as yet. I apologise for the poor image bad light here right now. Better images will be posted later when i have more to show on these creations.

More soon.

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