Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


My ouroboros project has just gone under the 'last' layers of liquid latex today of which i decided to go with six in all. Now normally this whilst producing a perfect molded copy of all the details will not be sufficient to handle any real casting of any real worth. I created my early plaster pulp mixes with the intention of using the mix in such molds as the ouroboros project of course but i still have something else to do to the latex mold before i can begin to use it efficiently.

As the current mold is too thin to use (intentionally so) i need to give it some more support. To do this i am going to create a plaster 'shell' around the latex for that very purpose. I will show you the latex covered ouroboros soon then with the plaster shell in place. I will include the step by step creation to removal pictures as well of course. My finished ouroboros will come in three forms: A full free standing nineteen inch mirror form, A half body nineteen inch mirror wall hanging form & a full bodied none mirror form which can be hung or just placed as an ornament on a shelf etc

This update however is more intended to mention another special project that i am hoping to have finished 'alongside' my ouroboros project for inclusion in my Etsy store too. I am not going to give too many details away at this stage on this project but i will say that it or rather the three versions of it are going to appeal to those of you with a dark sense of humour. They as the unfinished logo shows below are something you can hang up. In fact they can be hung up virtually anywhere you'd like to display them. In the front of your car windscreen (though they'd suit a large car better), your truck or well anywhere you like.

They will be combined of a light weight mix of my plaster pulp & paper strips in construction & as i said before they like my ouroboros will come in three 'styles' to begin with but i hope to make other versions soon after. To make the creation process possible & allow me to carry on with 'other' projects both for my Etsy store & basic how too's for my blog here etc i have or will be employing one of my elder sons to do the actual casting & painting side of things. He will receive payment on a 'as sold' commission which he is happy with. The work he will do will of course be of a high grade as like myself he is adept at many art skills which include drawing, painting, sculpting as well as many others of his own he has learnt. Whilst they aren't important here they include qualifications in body piercing & tattooing amongst others.

So for now here is a sneak peek at the master logo (which will be displayed & updated as required later) in my right hand column. Which will 'later' have full details of these creations when they are for sale in my Etsy store.

The 'COMING SOON' text will of course be replaced with images of the three finished creations when er!, finished. Whilst the name of these creations IS as shown the 'hoody' part may not be what many might think it is right now, but all of this will become clear when you see them lol.
The final stages of the ouroboros project build soon.


  1. Looking Forward to seeing your New Creations!!

  2. adelesspookyart: The Hoody hang up's? Lol me too. The depicted logo is unfinished of course its waiting for some images of the finished hoody's. Of course thats not theyre 'complete' name either but to give that away right now will give the creations away & leave them open to being ripped off before i even make/finish them myself lol.

    The first 3 original designs of the contents of the hoods just went into latex molds today so i can mass produce them quickly. They will be demolded in a couple of days along with my ouroboros. Then both projects will begin to grow/form from one of my plaster pulp recipes then.

    I am working on my old custom swords projects right now waiting for the latex molds to dry enough to be moved from my work area to a safer better drying location lol. So lots to post next week lol.