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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Okay time to de-mold the support shell & the actual latex molds. Below you can see the support shell removed. I have not yet cleaned up the second half of the support shell (in the bottom of picture) but that's just cosmetics in the end i can do that anytime.

If you remember from previous posts in this feature i mentioned i wanted to use less liquid latex molding solution so i had some for other projects? This is then why i needed to make this support shell, for the thinner than it should have been finished latex mold.

Below You can see the latex mold after removal from the master ouroboros project.

As you can see some of the colouring in the plasticine has leeched into the latex mold. This is the first time i have encountered this phenomenon before but it will have no effect on the actual plaster & plaster & pulp castings i am going to make. At worst 'some' of this discolouring 'may' be transferred to the actual copies. In the end though the colours i have chosen to make the final copies will bury this colouration easily. Below is a close up of those scales i spent so much time making. Sorry about the picture quality i found standing long enough to take the pictures at this point a little tiring having decided at the last minute to take this shot after i took all the others.

You can probably see them better in the smaller picture above this one? As you can see they turned out just about perfect. As to the original master copy of the ouroboros, well that didn't fair so good as you can see below.

As you can see many of the scales peeled away from the master form, but they also peeled right out of the latex mold halves too so this was not an issue in the end. Plasticine reacts oddly to liquid latex in that it dries out slightly. The good news is of course it does not stick to the liquid latex either. I have found once you re-work the 'used' plasticine such as this back into another quantity of fresh plasticine it seems to return to its original more malleable form again so can be re-used several times in mold making such as i have shown you.

Now the next stage is to mix up some plaster pulp & create the final designs to attach to the mirrors i have. I am still working on the perfect recipe for my plaster pulp at this time but have a 'new' recipe in mind & will be trying it out later today. Early tests seem positive i just need to get the pulp to plaster ratios a little closer to the final desired mark.

More soon.

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