Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Work on these large wall mountable dragon heads is progressing nicely even if i do say so myself lol. The original plan was to make one female & one male dragon head. When i began adding the frons to the female head (shown below) i began to wonder what she might look like with horns instead of frons. The obvious solution of course was to quickly make up another female head in the same style but add horns instead of frons - logical really lol.

As you can see (click on image to enlarge) the ears still are unfinished, the eye lids need defining a little more too. I will be adding some more frons to the sides of the cheeks & the lower jaw along the way too. I have not started on the teeth or the tongues yet for either heads but will make those last since they will only take an hour or so to make for both dragons at once. Oh & i still have to add a small neck section to each head too later nearly forgot that until now lol.

Below is the second female head that will have horns instead of frons like her friend above.

The horns on the cheek are only temporary for now to help me gauge what sizes i want to have there finally. I still need to work out just how many is enough yet too lol.

The blue eyes on the second female again like the horns are only temporary. For this size of dragons head(s) i use medium sized plastic balls. The type found in ball pools for toddlers. I will layer around four layers of PM strips over each section of ball showing through the eye sockets then remove the plastic balls later from the inside. Whilst i 'don't' ever use wire or wooden frames etc in my large projects (or any) i do sometimes use shapes or forms from plastic items. I always how ever remove ALL traces of said during the build. With the exception of trace amounts  of foil  i used  for bulking (shaping horns, noses, cheeks etc) or copying    along with cling film for copying too i always attempt to remove as much of this as possible during the build.

More soon as work progresses.


  1. I love dragons!!!! I can't wait to see some finished ones!

  2. Moriah: Whilst there is a lot to do on the 'horned' female dragon trophie the 'froned' trophie will be getting my full attention over this weekend & should be ready for paint by Monday if not Tuesday at the latest. Whilst waiting for the froned one to dry between sections i will of course be working on the horned one too as i go lol. More pics soon.