Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


well it's been a long busy & often tiring road this last year. My bad habit of starting projects, not getting them finished then starting new ones just got worse & worse all year gone. I did try to curb the creative fever, slow it down so i could get things finished failing miserably every try. Then of course my family breaking my creations both finished or not it was a never ending circle going nowhere really.

Well these last couple of months i have been a good boy & have gotten some old unfinished creations either finished or damn close to it. A couple of weeks back one of my idols (Dan Reeder) finished a pair of entwined dragons. To say the are awesome is an understatement but i digress a little here. On seeing these two dragons i realised i still have several large dragon heads as well as full bodied dragons of my own that i have been neglecting for way too long now. After seeing Dans latest creation i got the bug again to work on my own dragons.

I wanted to get them out from under my work table the weekend before last & then more so this weekend just gone. Of course one thing lead to another & so they were left under the table for a while longer. Today how ever i finally pulled out four of my large dragon heads & had a good long look & think about them for an hour or so. Of the four i pulled out i selected two to work on.

Unlike many of my main projects which are mostly to create HOW TO posts for use on my blog here or HOW TO YouTube videos etc. A lot of my creations are either simplistic in style or are of a cartoon like form. ALL my dragons heads or full bodied i take very seriously though & want to create these in a realistic form.

Of the two i pulled out are a male & female dragon heads. On having looked them over for a while as i say, i decided to re-do some of the facial aspects completely though these are small changes really & enhanced others slightly by adding more shape & definition to them. Sadly no pictures right now as i have only begun work on them today so theres nothing of note to see really at this point in time. Perhaps mid week next week or next weekend for sure, but just not right now sorry folks.

I can tell you how ever that the female will be all frons, wrinkly skin & long sleek head/face, long thin ears etc very clearly female in style. The male will be very masculine with heavy set scaled face, serious heavy duty duelling horns & a much more powerful fuller face to impress the female with etc.

Colours wise i am thinking greens & yellows for the female. Better for hiding in the long grass when rearing kits i suppose lol. The male though i am thinking reds & oranges to make him big & scary looking. So more on these guys very soon if not in picture form then certainly in more info in text form. As i say thanks to Dan's dragons i have the old dragon fever back & am looking forwards to spending all the time i can spare on these old unfinished dragon projects of mine here lol. Thanks Dan more soon folks.


  1. When I saw Dan's entwined dragons I had a new appreciation for his scary talent, particularly after trying my hand a time or two using his cloth mache technique. The level of detail he achieves is incredible.

    Having an affinity for dragons myself -- I have a rather large dragon tattoo on my left arm with its wings stretch across the front and back of my shoulder -- I can't wait to see your versions. Hopefully you'll take photos from the point they're at now till completion. Watching your own creations take form is very inspiring.


  2. GhoulishCop: I have not tried cloth mache myself yet but then old cotton sheets are not something i can readily get my hands on lol. I'd rather not try it then be hooked then find i am lost for want of old sheets lol. Dan's style is wonderful is it not lol.

    I only have a smallish draogn skelleton on the left lower forearm right now you can see it in many of my YouTube vid's. My second eldest son now a tattoo artist has offered to put a full dragon down my left back & the head over my left shoulder. It's not the pain holding me back on it how ever it's being diabetic on insulin that worries me. Of course i havent yet picked the design yet either.

    I may have some pictures very soon, sooner than planned actually, yes of the early stages or as it is now lol. Just bear with me here lol.

  3. while my dragon,if i can call it lol,it's still in paper egg phase it's interesting how your dragons came we owl with you day and night!

  4. Ildiko: Lol i look forward to seeing it lol. I WILL at some point in the future do a HOW TO on making a dragon & dragon head from the start. I just have too many unfinished projects i want to finish & others i want to make to sell right now lol. I will get to it as soon as i can though.