Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Hi all well i am officially back from my holiday break. Not much of a break though as i spent the last weeks over the Christmas & new year trying to tidy my small PC/PM room up as it has gotten way too messy & crowded in here lol. I still have some tidying to do yet BUT i have NOW gotten some working space again. Once i have posted this space filler, er!, whats to come over the next few days weeks information post (i think i recovered that well enough lol) i WILL be doing the last section of the 3D moon & stars HOW TO. for the blog here & the YouTube video too. I do appologise for NOT having gotten that done before the Christmas rush hit. It kind of snuck up on me faster than i expected, but then i think a LOT of us may have gotten caught out too?

I WILL how ever be going back to my mermaid & dolphin water feature too right after the 3D moon project. As i just said space was not something i had to spare lol.

Whats to come after that then. Well i want to get the many unfinished projects i have started finished. Many don't or won't appear here for several reasons which i won't go into right now. I WILL be making up for that how ever with several NEW projects designed specifically for the blog here though. I want to show some of the techniques i use in creating large 'hollow' forms & do more on balloon based armatures too. As well as balloons i use many many 'other items' large & small to create hollow armatures (my large ornimental dishes for instance). I want to show HOW the SAME items can create one thing & still be used to create others too. I know that sounds a little vague but it WILL become clear later. Of course i have LOT'S of finished projects awaiting paint. Ah painting the job i love to hate lol.

I have several projects awaiting paint & i HAVE had some people asking to see 'more' of my painting methods. So that WILL definately kill two birds with one stone so to speak. No birds will actually be hurt during the painting posts of course. Since catapults (sling shots) are now ilegal here & i couldn't pull one back now to save my life i couldn't shoot a bird staionary or certainly not in flight lol.

Right just wanted to get that off my chest before i got to video'ing & then editing still images & video. I didn't want people to think my blog had run dry or begun to stagnate in any way... I am rambling again aren't i?

Lol ah, it's good to be back. Stay tuned folks...


  1. Welcome back Mr.Jonty...We were sixteen inches deep in snow here two weeks ago and it still hasn't melted...Now the temp is 12 this morning morning with a 25mph wind...Looking forward to a new year of the one and only Jonty and that moon mobile too at you soon... kent

  2. Hi Kent yep back for the new year as promised & the 3D moon & stars mobile will be getting edited today. Not sure when today but today lol.

    The snow hasn't exactly metled here yet, but around DARKSIDE HQ it has a little. Can't speak for the more open area's though. Still very cold here though more to come i fear for all of us around the globe.

  3. I added a link to your blog from mine under tutorials...i hope you don't mind...lmk if your ok with this....thanks.....adele

  4. Why thank you so much i really appreaciate that a LOT :). I NEVER ask anyone 'directly' to give me links i think it's cheap & asking too much of a friendship or passing aquaintence.

    I 'DO' feel honured when someone feels i deserve one though again thankyou very much.

    I am busy doing the last stages of my 3D moon & stars mobile (painting) for both the HOW TOO video on YouTube & the still images for here too. I will be psoting all as soon as possible lol.

  5. It will be great to watch Jingle Ball ,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

  6. Maroussia: I am sorry but you have lost me there with that one?