Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 29 January 2010


Hi all, i started this blog because there are a LOT of creative minds out there in the world & a lot of you HAVE the skills to do something with that creativity through paper mache. Of course there ARE just as many who do so already but who perhaps need some additional inperation to help grasp some NEW ways of seeing this art mediums potential. That is what i created this blog for, not so much to show off MY creativity I am after all not the worlds greatest artist. I how ever DO like to think i can help people see more potential with this art form.

I welcome your visits be you an exsisting world recognised paper mache artist, mixed media artist or even another type of media artist, or just someone totally new to this art form experimenting who may not even use paper mache at all in your current art. I freely give links back to your blogs, websites & even forums. Some more than once through out my blog here if you ask me to or not. How ever i ask only one thing. Your links MUST be to some form of artistic related site ONLY if not as mine is but at least similar in form!.

On two occasions now i have had a visitor posting a comment but also included a link to NONE art related material. The site being linked back to in MY opinion IS nothing more than a spamming site that the owner IS using to seek financial gain for themselves by advertising none art related subject material for commercial related sponcorships. This IS intolerable bahaviour. Whilst i do not mind the occaisional 'friendly' but 'brief' none art related disscusion. ALL comment posting MUST retain 'some' if not total connection to art be it paper mache or mixed media paper mache related if only then as YOU are such a person.

When i first began this blog i had the comment setting at 'moderated' i have since then given my visitors a level of trust that i hoped would NOT be violated. Saddly one person so far has done just that!. I do not wish to restore my settings back to being moderated, but i WILL if such intolerable violations persist!. I AM extremly busy, married with children (mostly all grown up now) so i have a life beyond the bounderies of the internet that comes with ALL the pleasures & torments life likes to throw at us all & THAT life IS often a busy one on it's own.  Yet i devote a LOT of my 'personal' time & energy into making this blog as well as HOW TO video's on YouTube for both the exsisting artistic mixed media comunity & those wishing to simply experiment or explore this art form.

I do NOT have the time to waste on constantly moderating comments that 'should', 'could' simply be freely allowed to be posted here. I AM using my time & knowledge to give knowledge & save people time. PLEASE show me the SAME respect. When commenting keep it art related ONLY if & when possible!.

I appologise to those of you who this matter does not relate to it was not YOUR fault that you had to read through this ranting. I repeat to those to who'm it DOE'S concern - If your comment is none art related or contains elements that are NONE art related as specified above, then JUST DON'T LEAVE IT HERE IT IS NOT WELCOME!.


  1. I understand what your saying and i've been dealing with this problem too....i've had to remove some comments lately and its a takes away from creative time...

    I watched your dragon skin video...Thanks for the detailed step by step process...i will put this to use soon once i get settled in Florida i will be starting a life size mermaid and this is a great help to me...

    SpOOky Dreams my Friend

  2. Unfortunately, it's just one of those things.. The longer you blog, and the more popular your blog becomes, the more spammers you get. It happens.

    Word verification can be a wonderful thing.. it doesn't ensure spamming doesn't happen, but it helps.

  3. adelesspookyart: Removing comments is something i would rather avoid. I feel it smacks of something along the lines of 'What am i trying to cover up or deny' to other readers/visitors. Sometimes i agree though it has to be done.

    YES as to the 'taking away creative time' it totally did. I spent a little over 2 hours wording & re-wording that post trying to get my point across without being too 'in your face' with it. I am still not hapy with 'how' i wrote the post but i want to create not whine on... Well too much anyway lol.

    When you use my Dragon Skin remember to treat it like paint, only paint it on in 1mm/2mm coats. As long as you use PVA based paints (Elmers etc) it will dry extremly quickly in a warm or fan assisted room.

  4. Raivyn: Sadly this is very true, it IS just something that goe's with the teritory. It shouldn't have to be that way but it is.

    Thanks for the tip i will take it on board lol.

  5. Sorry to read you're dealing with these's very frustrating, but it's just a matter of blogger fact, it happens. I have a small following and they are wonderful folks, so I have not experienced anything like that, but I know it's out there...have read many other blogs complaining about the same thing. Just keep blogging and giving us your wonderful tutorials and advise.


  6. It's only the one at the moment, as we say over hear in the UK 'trying it on'. As i say i have NO problems with 'anyone' attaching back links on a posted comment they make to thier OWN websites, blogs etc. BUT NOT to a blog that is a front for selling mobile devices commercially & no other content of any worth besides the blog owners OWN self finanicial bennifit!. Which is the case here.

    Sadly it happens. As has been said in the comments here as a blog etc becomes more popular then the more likely to attarct those who will use & abuse privilages given them.

    If it keeps up i will just switch back to moderating the comments posted here then that will stop the rot.

    Thanks for the concern hun.

  7. Thanks for the tip on Dragon i can use elmers if i can't find PVA?...that's great!!...Can't wait to try it out...

  8. ANY latex based fast drying white glue essentially lol.