Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Well i have to get on with some unfinished projects. I did a big tidy up over the Christmas & New Year holiday break but i still have a lot of unfinished projects cluttering up my limited work space.

Do you remember my Dolphin water feature i started a little while back? Well my youngest daughter (now 15 years old) asked me to make a money bank for her from one of those dolphins. Thats one of my unfinished projects. I am going to modify part of my dolphin water feature so that the money bank has a dolphin sat on a cresting wave. Just like on my water feature. For the money bank how ever i am going to simply make the cresting wave larger to accomodate the cash.

I have started to paint one of my dolphins from my water feature with a dragon skin 'bone mix' which should be dried tomorrow at which point i can start to create the wave for it. I guess this is as good a project to show you next.

So for now i am going to go finish this YouTube video 'HOW TO' for my 3D moon & stars mobile. Then tomorrow i will start this dolphin money bank project to show you all. Until then enjoy the posts here so far & i will be back tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for all your positive comments on my art Jonty....It always gives me a burst of creative energy when i hear such nice encouragement...We are always most critical of our own Art...My inner voice is sooo degrading sometimes....

    btw....I'd Love to see your Dolphin Bank when its finished....

    SpOOky Dreams my Friend....~adele~

  2. I am with Adele, thank you!!

    I myself, need to remember this simple rule a bit more often.
    Thanks so much for commenting and visiting.

    I am looking forward to seeing the bank!
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Adel: Trust me staying positive about MY OWN art is only possible at the best of times by encouraging others to be so lol. Only then can i reasure myself i am dong something right if not at least heading in the right direction lol.

    Have no fear though if i like something i say with total honesty. I find speaking from the heart is a more safer path than lying to people. False confidence is a burden not a soloution.

  4. Your both welcome lol. Trust me i visit almost every day, if only sometimes to have a quick look at whats new. Time does not always allow me to stop of & drop off comments as much as i'd like to.

    Yes the dolphin bank not to mention so much more i HAVE to get to finishing as well as the hundreds of other things i think up none stop. I HAVE to get them all done soon or go mad lol.

  5. I hear Ya Jonty....Same story here...Lots of Projects going at once...

    It's actually refreshing to hear your Honest about your comments...many people are afraid to hurt feelings...but constructive criticism is really a good thing....

    good luck on your projects....and thanks for your interest in my art

  6. It's the only way in the end.

    Art is everywhere, art is right in front of you just have to look to see it they say & i am not contesting that far from it. For ME how ever i want to look at art that has character. A piece of the artist in it too. YOUR art & many others i like HAVE that edge.

    Anyone can draw a circle & make a smiley. Not everyone can draw a circle & make ME smile how ever. YOUR art does.