Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Over this weekend (starting today) i have decided to down tools on ALL work on unfinished & current projects to work on some 'dragon slayer weapon' related WIPs that i started ages ago but but the inspiration for which dried up on me. I had put a hold on ALL dagon slayer WIPs until i could find the inspiration for a particular one of my large swords i was working on. The original WIP below.

I just couldn't get a working theme for the dragon heads on the hand guard. Even mounting it for safety & hopefully inspiration as i passed by it dozens of times a day did not help. Then yesterday it finally came to me how they wanted to look. The NEW look dragons (partially finished) below.

When i make a dragon head i like to let the initial shape go the way it wants to go. Then i refine the look later. Unless i have a specific desgin in mind i always (no matter the size of the dragon head create a pointed snout. On the new look gaurd here i have removed the pointed snouts (rounded them off) & have begun to add some horns. All i have to do now is add 2 more horns then the finer details such as eyes & surrounding flesh lids etc, but you can see where it is going now at least.

I did already start a large blade for this sword but it was made from some left over paper pulp i had & well i don't like it anymore. ALL these weapons are to be to full scale BUT!, i don't want to make them so they can be swung for any reason. So i am making them ALL in such a way whilst they ARE strong in theyre construction they WILL break if used as weapons even in fun play. They WILL how ever be able to be swung once or twice at force before they'd break (the blades 'slot' into the hilts). So with  this in mind i am not going to use pulp on the replacement blade for this or any of the other swords i have planned.

Amongst these dragon slayer weapons are more swords as i say but i also want to make some axes too. Below is an axe i started so long ago now i forget how long ago it actually was now. The skull on this axe is extremely strong as i was trying out some new techniques at the time. Instead of making a NEW skull each time i simply incorperated the ideas 'over' the original skull.

The blade to this axe is solid but not with pulp. It is in fact several layers of pizza box card stock. Again whilst my axes will be solid construction (the axe blades are fixed in place) I am going to make them all hollow from now on too. If you remember a while back i mentioned i was going to make around 80 to 100 skulls? Some of those skulls are for these weapons. By making so many skulls in this way i won't end up making them so 'solid' which will make these weapons dangerous in the wrong hands even if they are just paper mache.

So thats whats going on here at Darkside HQ this weekend & possibly all next week too. I should have a few of these weapons at a finished state awaiting painting by next weekend to show you all.


  1. Can't wait to see these complete.....They are going to be awesome!!!

    SpOOky Dreams my Dear Friend

  2. both the swords & axe blades will have 'embosed' dragons on them like the vases i am making (see WIP WATCH). The swords will also have some diamonds in the dragons eyes & around the pomel too. Pics to follow shortly.