Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Okay now the plastic straws are locked in place time to make the actual blade shapes stand out more a very simple & straight forward process. This can be used to create any sword blade no matter the size or shape reqired.

I then cut serial box cardstock to the width of each 'angled edge' (the cutting edge) of the blades. I only cut these to fit from the 'outer edge' of the straws on each side of the blades NOT all the way across the middle section of each blade. I want to keep the 'hollow centeral groove' the straws created there. Then using the straws as a guide i tacked these card strips in place down the length of the sword blades until they met the start of the points creating an angled cutting edge like a real sword has.

I then cut out some arrow head like points. I also cut out a matching U shape  in these to the match the width of the groove running down the center of the sword blades which the plastic straws created for me. I then tacked down ALL the 'outer edges' with masking tape. This will not only hold it all in place but will also help it keep this shape when i start to add some paper strips later as it all dries out.

To create a curved edge that matches the groove down the blades center i simply used some half inch masking tape to create the filled in curve effect shown above. I will use this 'same' trick when i attach the hilts later. The blades are NOW ready to be paper striped over to make them rigid & strong. I will get on with the next stage shortly & show you the next stage adding the hilt etc later. I will be stripping over the blades using only 80gsm white A4 printer paper. Once dried fully this WILL make an extremely strong blade trust me.


  1. Hello, Hello, Hello!!

    Haven't been by for a few days. See your keeping those screamers under wraps, huh?


    Sure a lot of other interesting stuff though.
    Nice mask!

  2. Luella: Hi there stranger lol.Sadly i haven't had space to work on my Troll Screamers right now. Too busy catching up on unfinished works (swords), then the new mask for my son too of course lol.

    Each Troll Screamer stands (squats) at around 30 inches tall (almost half that again if stood fully upright) by roughly 20+ inches across. I neither have the working room or the painting room even right now for them sadly.

    I went & landed myself with a secret (for now) behind the scenes project for an artist friend who doesn't have the time to make a certain project. So i went & talked myself into it lol.

    Too top things off today my PC almost burnt out (still might yet). With so much sanding work going on here both large paper mache & plaster works i forgot to check inside my PC for dust build up.

    My CPU fan ws seriously backed up & smoking lol. Cleaned it out but still smells a little ominous might still burn out yet. I do have a replacement cooling cover & fan unit from my older CPU which are indential (both Intel) but am waiting for one of my sons to return with some Nano Grease (thermal paste) that slips between the CPU & cooling setion just in case i do need to change this one out anyway lol.

    Having fixed that my PC wouldn't sart. I have spent the whole day swapping out power leads, cleaning PCI slots & cards. Even HDD's it still wouldn't start up. In the end i swapped my memory card from slot 1 to slot 2, bingo fired right up - Ooops bad choice of words lol.

    Ah my son just returned with that Nano Grease lol so alls well if it goes bad now lol.

  3. Never a dull moment!

  4. Luella: Oh trust me there never is here lol...