Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 30 April 2010


Just a quick note to say i AM still here & working like crazy to get things done. I have been side tracked recently whilst working on a project for an artist friend (more on that another time - still in the works). Sadly this has had me side tracked for a little time & will for another week at least.

I alongisde that am trying to get unfinished projects, well finished so i can move up to selling some of my work. Until recently issues with my current bank & online payment methods (couldn't create any online payment methods ie: PayPal etc) because my current bank is well crap! (For those in the UK am currently with Northern Rock -Say no more eh!). I AM currently under the process of switching banks to rectify the problems my current bank causes.

That along with my family breaking or destroying everything i make i have been trying to asses what can be fixed to sell & what i want to even try to fix to sell. Not to mention the previously mentioned unfinshed projects ahem!.

Remember my wall mounted grim reaper project (in my sidebar finished listing):

Well this is him NOW:

This is the kind of damage i am having to deal with on many of my finshed projects as well as trying to get projects finshed too. I put this guy at the bottom of the main stairs hoping my saying NO RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS would keep him safe. Well you can see how much i get listened too eh. Mercifully not all my finished projects look like this but those that are damaged are to this extent.

Essentially I AM STILL HERE & working like crazy to getting more tips, tricks & how too's sorted both here & on YouTUbe for you all. I can only ask That you be patient with me during the extremely busy time. I WILL Get to posting more very soon.


  1. OH no! There would be some in BIG TROUBLE children in my house should that have happened here! Kids, gotta love them but man they can give you grey hair!

  2. Moriah: Oh trust me i love them to death, but they have heard some very choice swear words over this last couple of years from me lol. No grey hair but i think it is starting to fall out. Finding more & more in my comb every morning - I wonder why lol. More soon.

  3. Ah, the pleasures of parenting and living in your Studio(house) with kids.
    I have done this for 30 years and still haven't learned my lesson. Now starting with the Grand daughter. Pays off in the end though.
    And it is a peaceful feeling knowing your kids are safe with you. Hindsight is always so enlightening.
    Good luck with the sales Jonty.

  4. Marie S: I have often wondered is hindsight a gift or a long term torture lol. YES i WOULD rather have my children over my work or money any day.

    I have often been jealous of those with children & a seperate workshop. We will just have to get too picking the right lottery numbers soon before i pull all my hair out lol

  5. pleasure of destroying or just "unwanted" happenings due to negligence?? anyway very frustrating...i loose temper many times...then i always fill sorry...
    you know i'm not into skeletons but i must say awesome job!!!the blades texture is extraordinary!!!i hang up with it again lol!it looks very realistic!love it!!!not mentioning that you're an engineer of your creations balance! admirable!

  6. Ildiko: Oh my lot are just wreckless. To make the grims scythe texture was the easiest part of the buil & paint job but i have to do a bit more painting to the blade yet lol.

    To make the blade i will explain soon when i repair him for selling.