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Friday, 29 October 2010


Typical of my luck. About three weeks ago whilst going to bed I stumbled on the landing, falling i threw out my good arm as you do. Then nearly fainted when my full weight behind my arm smashed into a door frame. A nasty bruise the next morning told me what i already knew - i had bruised the bone about three inches above my right wrist. Three weeks later the arm is still in a lot of pain but i can move it & my hand if some what stiffly  slowly.

So ignoring that i have carried on PMing as i can, here & there. That was until last night when i got me a boo boo i can not ignore. I had just moved a hot pan from off the heated ring it was on to a cooler section when i spotted a knife had fallen onto the cooker behind the pan. So i reached to pick up the knife, yes you guessed it i did not move the pan first!. Being in constant pain down my entire left hand side of my body 24/7 has me for a better term of phrase -  not so jumpy at new pain. So normally i'd have reacted quicker as my hand pushed up against the hot pans side, but no. I was more distracted trying to get a grip on the knife in the tight gap. Then after about two or three seconds the pain registered in the side of my hand. It is odd now i think  about it being in constant pain has left me calm when it comes it personal injury somehow. I calmly turned & ran the cold tap over my hand then calmly went & found some Vaseline to spread on the burn.

By the time i had layered on some vaseline the pain was lost to me virtually apart from a distant sting. This morning however the muscle under the burn on the side of my hand is extremely stiff & the thumb somewhat numb & distant. So not only being right handed, diabetic on insulin which means i have to be cautious of cuts & the like for infections. I have decided to put aside the PMing until my hand heals. This of course means everything is on hold until at least sometime next week. Sorry everyone. I will of course once i heal get right back on with things & get back on to some kind of order as quickly as i can.

My boo boo below:


  1. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Caroline: Will do & healing nicely though muscle still stiff & tender lol.