Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Over the last two weeks (give or take a day) it has been rain rain & more rain every day & night.  This last week the rain showers have been coming closer together, harder & much colder. Through the night last night it got really bad resulting in my being in agony when i woke up. It is raining right now & has been since i came down stairs this morning. My disabilities as anyone will know who have any themselves ache more when the weathers rough like this. So because i store my WIPs & other things on my work table (almost to the ceiling) i am in too much pain today to move it all & do any PM per say.

With all that in mind i didn't want to do nothing today so i decided to shuffle my planned shedual around a little. Since I need to make more mini skull moulds anyway i thought i might just extend that to include the idea's i had for those plastic skeleton champagne flutes i got the other week. For those who missed that post (below) here is a reminder of how they looked originally:

They came as a pair but i am only going to be using one of them for now. I will be creating two new creations from the one flute how ever. First of all i removed the plastic 'tube' carefully & put that to one side to use some how on other things. Next came the simple task of remodelling the fingers slightly. Because they were made to fit around the plastic tube the 'inner' surface was not detailed & had rather sharp squared off edges to the fingers. A quick re-shaping using a fine craft knife took care of that little problem.

Now i want to replace the plastic tube with a mini skull, but of course the fingers are in the wrong position. Plastic being plastic it can be reworked with heat. Add to that mix these were made of a durable but soft plastic making the task even easier. I simply set a small pan of water to boil then immersed the hand in the water for a few minutes. Working quickly i then eased the fingers into the new position around one of the small wax skull copies i made earlier. Why a wax skull you may ask, well i will explain why further down the post. Below are a couple of pictures of the NEW look skeleton hand 'trophy' with wax skull in place:

I left the small plastic ruby in the fore finger, i can simply sculpt that out of the final design in the plaster & PM versions i will be making from this later. Now if you click on each image to enlarge them you will see more clearly the gaps under the skull & some of the slightly raised fingers too. If i were to attempt to make 'any' casts from it in this current state the moulding material that i am using liquid moulding latex would get under these gaps & make the removal of the final mould simply impossible. I now need to fill in these gaps some how. Modelling clay would be the correct material to use of course, since i neither have any & am working with those working on a tight budget in mind i a going to use my tried & tested material plasticine. Below are the pictures of the gaps now filled:

Not a pretty sight i know but then it is the final mould copy we are interested in here not the original item after all. Now this is ready for copying.

So before i close this post for now i will let you know what i have planned for this project. The first creation will be a couple of variations of almost how it looks now. As i say i will be making both plaster & PM versions. One of my sons who is now a skilled tattooist has been creating some rather nice images of skulls wearing gas masks. He has also come up with a brilliant twist on that theme too. I promised him a couple of them in plaster later for his permission to use the design. I might give him a couple of these skeleton trophies to lol. I won't say what the second gas mask design involves as i want to keep that design a secret until the last possible minute it IS awesome though i assure you lol.

The second variation i want to make using this skeleton trophy design i a miniature skeleton candle sconce.  This is the reason why i used a wax skull at this stage, After i copy this as is for the trophy designs, i will then sculpt out a small cavity to hold those small self contained candles that come in they're own foil containers. Picture on all those things to come as they develop later lol.

More soon.

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