Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 1 October 2010


well thanks to a rather stupid late bed time followed by a rough pain filled nights sleep (got carried away watching Bleech episodes stretched out a very uncomfortable settee. Up to episode 120 now I watch a LOT of complete animae' series in between Bleech episodes) then thanks to my TENS machine struggling to combat the foul third days worth of cold rain causing excess pain in my wreck of an old body. I didn't get too much done today PM wise.

It hasn't been a total wasted day though. I managed to tweak some of the facial features of the skull on the new look wall mounted grim reapers scythe & get the first layer of dragon skin bone mix on there too. A nice coating of off white (a hint of yellow) which i will build up to around 3/4 layers before adding the final white & black paint washes for the final ancient bone effect. I won't be adding anymore today on the scythe how ever even though it will be ready for a second coat by the time i finish this post, i am just in too much pain now to concentrate (damn weather, damn, damn body) but i can get the final layers on tomorrow easily with 10/15 minute drying times between coats. Followed up by 2 days drying time above a radiator since theres no getting any washing on a line in this weather that helps me having the central heating on lol. I should have the new look scythe finished completely by mid week next week. Pictures then folks it is looking good so far though i must say lol.

I got the neck finished on the first of the 2 female dragon head trophies yesterday & the last of the frons (on the lower jaw) that i am working on. As the neck needs to be a little thicker than i would normally make the rest of the head that is going to take a couple of days drying time. So whilst that has been stood drying i got some work done on the second female dragon head trophy. I managed to get the lower jaw on her yesterday & add some of the facial features to the cheeks & neck/jaw sections. I will be adding more facial features including some of the horns in the next few days. again pictures later on those.

On a good note a new supply (2 litres) of moulding latex i ordered a couple of days back online arrived about an hour ago so i can get to work making a few more moulds of my small skulls i have planned for projects, but i am still waiting for the 50kgs of modeling grade plaster of Paris i ordered to arrive yet. As i said prior i have some projects both in paper mache & plaster media to work on. Still the plaster not being here gives me time to make the extra moulds in advance to help reduce the mass casting time scale ahead of me.

I will be starting the work with those 3 styrene skulls next weekend. The feature post for those will include how to modify them (re-sculpting them slightly) as well as how to copy them using foil & paper strips. Something i covered in a YouTube HOW TO video, but worth repeating here again i think.

I should have some updates on some of my custom bowls & vases that are still in the WIP stage as yet too around the week after next. Just thought I'd throw that in the mix lol.

So things to do around the house that i can just about manage to do, washing dishes, putting washing in the washing machine etc so i am off for the day after i go check on whats going on in the blog world lol. More soon folks stay tuned. If you can't stay tuned then don't forget to pop back here when you can lol. 

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