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Friday, 22 October 2010


Is it Friday already?

Were did the week go?

So the week got away from me again (nothing new there then lol) i have been busy all week editing video but i will after this weeks delay be starting a batch of new paper pulp for my plaster pulp mix experiments which i will definitely be starting this coming Monday. My plans (that i WILL be sticking to for sure this time) are to begin to prep the first stage of the pulp (soak & shred) a large batch of glossy magazine pulp in stages from Saturday morning on & off through the remainder of the day. Since i don't pre-soak my paper pulps when i do make them that saves a lot of time. I say through the remainder of the day as standing is something i can only do for short periods literally only a few minutes at a time every hour or so. Most of the pulp preparation is going to be achieved from a perched sitting position, perched precariously on a three legged stool.

The last time i made any home made pulp i remember when gauging the water to paper ratio in the blender was to say the least messy. With me sitting most of the time i ended up with my top half of my body (yes including my face) well & truly splattered with watery pulp over spill. I will have to remember not to over fill the blender this time lol.

But that's this weekend (tomorrow) for today i plan on firstly getting some more work done on my dragon head trophies, my mini skull trophies & hopefully start some work for the grunge skull copying & creations feature space to work freely being the problem at the minute. A well & truly busy day ahead of me so enough rambling here off to it. Unless something comes up i should be back here with posts galore by mid next week lol.

More soon stay tuned folks.

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