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Thursday, 11 November 2010


No really i truly am seriously bored now & fed up to the back teeth of this dam burn on my hand now. My little fix with the plaster & fingertip-less rubber gloves works a treat allowing me to PM a little here & there. Sadly i am too used to only wearing rubber gloves when painting, so in fact haven't gotten much to anything achieved this last week or so to speak of. I have been video editing more than anything. Mercifully i have done an excellent job of keeping the wound clean, dry & have not once knocked it in any way or dislodged any of the built up scab allowing it to heal nicely.

Er!, this was until very late last night. Having just watched two of my few favourite TV/SKY shows (Bones & Lie to me) i sat & did a bit of lite reading whilst waiting for the time for my last insulin shot for the day so i could get to bed. Unfortunately whilst reading (Tales from Earthsea - end of the second story of quartet) my burn never having stopped itching from day two got going good & proper. Without thinking I reached down & itched away.

You guessed it, i tore open most all of the new fresh skin as you can see below:

As you can see, all the wound is now a nice pink if some what 'dry' new skin. Not a bad healing job for a week on a small but deep burn i'd say myself. Thanks to my not thinking i have torn it all open nicely. When i did it i didn't know whether to scream from the fresh bought of pain i had just put myself in because it hadn't been hurting for several days now but now was in as much if not more pain or from the stupid mindless act of scratching it wide open again after a week of being so mindful of protecting it!.

There is just no way i am spending another week or so doing next to nothing though, no sir, no way. I have a couple of large queen conch shells i made the better part of a year ago that are waiting a paint job to finish them off. I also have several large dishes & bowls most of which are also waiting paint to finish them off too. So tomorrow i am going to get to doing some painting i think. I have the two queen conch shells  three of the bowls i have to work on they should get me over the next three days nicely whilst this dam boo boo heals, or rather 're-heals' again.

I haven't pictured the conch shells or the bowls here yet as one of the bowls are something i was messing around with experimentally design wise & i am confident i have not seen anywhere online or the real world for sale. So i am hoping it is something new & will be keeping its design as much a secret as i can until it is finished. Hopefully by next Monday/Tuesday i will have some finished pictures & might even get them listed in my Etsy shop along the way too.

Oh the wonderful life i lead eh? More soon folks.

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