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Sunday, 21 November 2010


Okay here is a simple little trick i was saving for my DVD book (when i finally got to it) it's not a mind shattering trick nor is it one many people may have thought of at the time. How to get a base for a vase or a bowl 'level'.

You will need a small spirit level as we call them in the UK, a strong but flat long surface that is just wider than your projects base you want to attach, i use a plastic ruler as my spirit level is small & light weight. Last but not least a large flat surface to work on & a glue gun. Now i am assuming many of you have the trick worked out by now, but for those who have not here is what you do to get the base of your vase or bowl perfectly level.

Assuming you have the 'top' of your vase or bowl as level as you can get it, don't worry if it's not 100% level i will explain how to fix that later. For now as level as you can possibly get it will do. Turn the project over onto your large flat surface as shown in the picture above.

Take the base you made to fix to the project & position it as near to where you want it to be. Now take your long flat * & place this over the middle of your loose base as shown above. Now simply take your spirit level & lay it on your long flat *. Lift & rotate 'both' the * & the spirit level from the base rotating both about an inch (2cm) or so as you go. At each little rotation place both back on the base to check the level. Adjust the base 'gently' as you go when or when ever required.

Go full circle keep adjusting the level as required until you get back to your starting point. Then do it one more time, this time you can simply lay the * & spirit level at north <> south then east <> west to check the overall level. Now whilst leaving the * & spirit level in place firmly hold the base in place & hot glue it in place. PM over with strips or pulp etc as you desire - Voila' a perfectly level base.

To check the level (straightness) of the top of the project take a length of wood, a ruler etc & 'tape' a pencil or fibre tipped pen to the ruler etc at the same level as the projects top edge. Hold the pen/ruler device as straight & as steady as you can then rotate the project 'against' the tip slowly drawing an even level line around the top. If required (& possible) you can then simply 'trim' off the project anything 'above' the level line you just created to create a perfectly level top edge that now matches the perfectly level base!.


Take a small clear container 'flat bottomed', a glass, a tumbler, a small glass/plastic bottle etc. Fill  with around 2cm/4cm of water. Stand this on a flat surface & let the water settle down to it's natural level. Now take a marker pen & draw a small 2cm/3cm line right 'on' the water level mark. Place the container on your * as you would have done with the spirit level & follow the instructions as exactly as explained above.

 * Any long strong light weight surface such as a ruler, length of plaster board, ply wood, strong stiff card stock etc. 

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