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Sunday, 28 November 2010


It’s almost that time of the year again. Hmm better do some explaining I think. For those who don’t know it’s my birthday on the 2nd of December & since way back in my early Amstrad CPC days (so long ago now oh so long ago) I have a long standing tradition where I ‘technically’ go offline from the 2nd of December until the 1st of January. I WILL be online checking emails, group postings, website updates (& now my blogs up keep) etc. Essentially though apart from the odd Email/post/comment response, I won’t be doing much as I normally do through this time frame. I was hoping to get as much achieved as possible leading up to this time but sadly the weather & my disabilities are conspiring against me it seems slowing me right down!.

Here in the UK we tend to drift into winter in a, well casual pace really. I know these days it may not seem like it for those of who live here but compared to the last few years winters onslaught was slow. Normally we’d drift through a cold depressing November mid way through the nights then the days getting colder. A touch of frost (I miss that show) easing in here & there in the wet patches, then suddenly its winter again.

This year it just kind of – happened 4 days ago.

It has snowed for 4 days & nights in a row now oh yes we have had a few hours break here & there.  The day light has dropped to barely half a day with evening light jumping to night light twice as fast. Instead of the low mumbling traditional here it comes people feel with the cold air rising. It’s like the sky just unzipped & dropped three weeks worth of white crap on us in 4 days.

So the point I am getting at (those with pain wracked disabilities will know what I mean) the cold aggravates them badly even just a cold rain. Thanks to this sudden onset of so much snow & colder than normal nights, this week have slowed me right down. I go to bed stiff & sore, then wake up feeling like someone has super glued my entire left side of my body starting at the left side of my neck down through my torso & down my entire left leg!!. The majority of my disabilities are culminated down my left body for some weird reason. Each body section having its own unique problem not connected directly as such but the pain & stiffness colliding into one whole wedge of pain. Oh it so lovely to be me I can’t tell you.

So thanks to the weather & this damn body of mine my churning out PM are like the days, cut in half. ! or 2 day projects are taking 2 or 4 respectfully. Just getting out of bed in the mornings is a bigger chore (& more painful) than usual. I will try to post what I can on ongoing posts/features etc, but these will be radically reduced ahead of my 2nd of December break of time I am sorry to report.

Below a peek at outside my front door. Note this is 12:30 'MIDDAY' note the dim light outside already?

More 'normal' posts as soon i can folks.

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