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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


When our third eldest moved out again & he packed all his belongings away. For reasons known only to the insane he packed a custom mask he asked me to make right on the bottom of one of his bags. Yes you guessed it under most of his heaviest belongings at that!.

When he got to his new home with his girlfriend he forgot were he'd put the mask until after he'd dumped his bags heavily on the floor. Needless to say whilst my PM is quite strong, such as a half face mask couldn't with stand that punishment. So of course a few weeks back he asked me to replace it for him, which i promptly did but i never got round to painting it. For the last few days he has been asking if the new mask was finished yet. So just before packing things away for today (dumping everything up on my work table basically) i thought i would paint his new mask for him. Since it was just a quick spray paint job it took only minutes to do.

So as of literally ten minutes ago here is his new replacement mask drying:

Below is my son wearing the original mask:

The picture is not very good of the new replacement mask but he asked me to tweak the nose ridge so the new mask was not so over the nose as more on the nose as seen on the original mask. I also changed the cloth mesh vents slightly too. The string needs cut too of course but he can do that later lol.

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