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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Sorry i haven't been blogging guys n dolls last week or so my PC went down. My OWN fault in a way but mainly my stupid 'spam folder'. For some unknown reason every once in a while (nearly everyday) some of my 'legitimate' emails end up in my spam folder. I have no idea why this happens & have searched all possible reasons i can think of, anyway. A little over a week ago i was routinely moving some legitimate emails back into ny main email folder when i without realising it i moved a 'bad email' over too.

Had i not been so tired & pre-occupied i would have seen what i had done then well, not done it, but you guessed it. i opened the bad email. Instantly setting a worm loose on my sytem in doing so. When i went back & checked only to realise too late the bad email wasn't even addressed top ME!. As well as being a software interfearing worm it was also a self emailing worm too!!. By the time i realised what i had went & done to myself or rather my system half my installed software was corrupted.

Now ordinarily i'd simply swap out HDD's (Hard Drives) then recover my folder etc, format & start over again. How ever the week or more before i loaned my system disk to one of my sons friends so he could fix his lap top by doing a simple 'overlay' install. BUT, i spent the last week or so asking for it back. My sons friend started a new job & my son was reluctant to trail over to get it not knowing if his friend would be in. I only got the dam thing back 3 days ago & have spent the last 3 days trying to set MY system back up. Turns out my original HDD had some bad sectors to boot.

So i finally installed a spare HDD (only 160Gig as apposed to my original 400Gig) & have a few bits of software to put back into my system, then orginise my files & folders then i should be back on track again. The annoying thing is i CAN'T blame anyone but myself for this screw up. It's my own fault trying to do things when being too tired . You think i would learn from my OWN stupid mistakes (he types at 02.08am right now) wouldn't you.

Anyway give me a couple of days to get caught up on all my blogs, forums & other groups etc then i will get back to doing some work again.

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