Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


To make sure i have something 'reguar' to post since i have been trying to get things finished/repaird to sell (soon if i can) i just can't guarantee that i have something worthy of posting on a regular basis. So i have decided to run a little what i did on the weekend regular feature. Unfortunately 'this' weekend i have been hit by a stomach bug (hit me Friday gone) so i didn't actually get much done. As a general rule though my little weekend feature should be more interesting after this first outting. So without any further rambling here is the first weekend feature installement for you.

My sword blades moved on to the next stage. This time i added a single strip of 140gsm grade brown packing paper. It is still classified as paper but it is very close to very thin cardstock too. You can find this stuff laying between kitchen or toiletry rolls in stores. Would you believe our branch of ASDA actually throw all paper/plastic wrapping & boxed waste in a in store furnace? Yet they sell many enviromentally friendly goods. Most stores are happy for you to just take these sheets as long as your not messing up the shelves too much lol. They can vary from 1 Meter square to larger this IS a valuable paper stock for most art forms believe me.

Each strip was glued in place with undiluted PVA (white glue). Before they dried i then wiped the surfaces down with 50% PVA glue & 50% water soloution to slow down the drying process slightly. The theory being the thicker glue underneath will soak into the thick paper slowly whilst the watery mix will soak in faster but dry faster too being exposed to the air up on the wall as they are, thus sealing the surface & slowing down the drying & reducing the warpping effects that will naturally occure.

Two new sword blades went up on the wall too. They are similar to a design i saw that someone had drawn so these are still in the cutting & altering stage to make them more of my own design when finished. I will go into more detail as to how i am gong to create the heavy angular cutting blade edges on these when i get to that stage soon (next weekend probably).

I have been working on some 'blank' dragon head designs that i can then copy, mass copy but then change in minute ways to make each NEW head very different. Above are two that were initially designed for a sword hilt but also a stand alone head for a full bodied dragon(s) too.

Again another dragon head but also my original dolphin form & a latex creepy skull form. Both sets of dragon heads etc will be cast in plaster for mass production just as soon as i can persuade someone to mix & pour the plaster for me lol.

So as i said not much going on this weekend. I was hoping to get to my first dragon head sword hilt this weekend too but sadly this stomach bug has left me somewhat pre-occupied so to speak. Well i am off to watch some movies one of my sons brought around with him & his girlfriend (the one I am making the mask for. His girlfriend is the one in the sidebar FINISHED PROJECTS she is the one in the red dress wearing the small devil wings).

So i am off more soon.


  1. Hey Jonty! Hope you are feeling better! It's over here in the states too -whatever that nasty bug is. Can't be mad cow could it?! LOL! Love your stuff! Very cool. And quite a process. Feel better my friend! Jeannine

  2. By Way of Salem: Lol a lot better thanks sadly it is all down to the dreaded price to pay for having so many children. Even a simple stomach bug goes around & around the family until it is sated lol. Mercifully there are only now 3 at hom with me & my wife, but that still makes 5 in all of us for a lowly bug to run around for a few days lol.