Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Apart from my Monday 'WHAT I DID THIS WEKEND' running feature it is going to be very quiet as far as posts go from me in here go for this weekend & most of next week. Why? Well i have so many things very close to being finished, things to be started & something special to make & show you that will not only speed up drying of MY creations but yours too. Here is a rough run down of what i have planned for the next week:

1] Sharky is waiting his few & small 'final' touches before he is officially finished for his starring role in my debute give away every 100th post competitions. Which includes a YouTube video showing him off in which i will be starring in alongside him lol. I will try to smooth out my local dialect as best i can so you can understand what i am saying lol.

2] I have most of the parts for the runners up (2nd & 3rd place) competition winners Troll Screamer body parts to make so they can build & define theyre OWN Troll Screamers. However i do have a couple of body parts to get finished for those too. Then of course i have to get the 'HOW TO' build your own Troll  Screamer video from those parts to do & edit along with Sharky's video.

3] My Troll Screamer witch is waiting for her robe to be finished & then her fiinal touches to be added. I have yet to think up a name for her yet too.

4] I have 4 dragon vases awaiting final shaping before i make the dragons to go on them. Then to take to the next stage along with my first vase i started already.

5] I have a custom sword from the anime' cartoon series Bleach to get started for a commision that i promised i would get started last weekend that i simply MUST get going on. The sword is that used by  the main character Ichigo & will be full life size to fit the height of the customer. The sword will be around 2 meters long. Here is the sword i am talking about for none Bleach fans:

The custom swords i was making of my own designs are long since ready for their next stage of building that being forming the raised cutting edges on the swords. I think i will only get as far as mapping out the lines for the raised edges how ever & maybe getting the cardstock strips ready for the making of those.

6] Last but not the least, in fact probably the most important thing i have to make i have been planning for some time now but couldn't as i had some problems finding the right sized electric fans for it. Yes i know i could have bought those online but certain things were not possible in that area which are not for discusion here. I have now found a supplier that is not only local but have every kind of fan i may need ever. Here is a picture i took of the fans available. As i took the picture my eldest daughter got in the shot too. My wife B (Barbara) told her she was in the way but instead of stepping back she stood still like a statue thinking she was out of the shot lol. Her name is Anna-Louise by the way. The fans can be seen along the back wall lol.

Below are the type i bought:

This very special project is for my must needed air driven drying chamber (or ADDC for thsoe who like wierd abreviations).  Because i build using strips, cut & shaped cardstock etc my creations not only come together fairly fast they dry faster to thanks to a very strong PVA glue i use. My drying chamber will not only speed the drying proces up many fold it will also speed up drying of paint & sealers too. It will come in very handy for my Troll Screamer Sharky & my witch as well a my dragon vases too.

So in all a very busy tight week or so schedual ahead for me. So again as i say not much going  to be posted in this time. Just  a heads up of why & where kind of thing lol. Lots of postngs to follow next weekend onwards though as stay tuned folks see you on the other side lol.


  1. Me encantan tus trabajos!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Ascension: Gracias.