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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Dan Reeder the fantastic paper mache 'cloth' artist father of the orignal monster screamers, many many dragons & other wonderful monsters of many forms has at last let loose on the world something that has been on his mind for a while now.

Dan has never ceased to amaze & break new ground with his creations & for some time has been a mache artist idol of mine too. Dans latest forum offering takes his works to a new level how ever. Dan like many of us in our own respective countries has become enraged at not just the 'corperate machine' but the corrupted corperate machine in it's many shapes & forms. It's not the actual machine itself that Dan's enraged at however it is those greedy money hungry people who are driven by nothing less than utter selfish greed & with no care for the little people who suffer under this regiem who have Dan enraged. Tell you what here is a quote from Dan himself to explain it better:

"This blog is about pigs, but of the immoral, greedy, human variety. This blog is dedicated to those who have enriched themselves (sometimes obscenely so) at the expense of everyone around them. I see these people profiled on the news and I get angry. But what am I to do? With money comes
power. They have piles of money. And they have armies of lawyers defending their castles. So what can any of us little people do? I’ve decided to launch my own small protest with the skills I possess. Since I’m a paper mache artist, it seemed appropriate to portray these people as they really are. Pigs. Oink, Oink, Oink!"

Dan HAS launched not only his new forum but also has added the first of many paper mache cloth pig creations & will be adding a NEW pig each month.

So who is first to feel Dan's wrath then. Well i am not going to spoil it here you are going to have to go over to Dan's new forum to find that out for yourself lol. You can go there & leave a comment too by clicking here:

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