Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 21 May 2010


I have a horrible feeling i am going to jinx things by posting this update - BUT!, things are actually running on schedual for a change & not just with the three projects i am concerntrating on (mentioned in last post down) they being: Sharky the Troll Screamer prize give away, My Troll Screamer witch & my first of several dragon vases. More things to mention besides but first those.

Both Sharky & the Witch Troll Screamers have just (10 minutes ago) been given their LAST dark skin tone coats of paint & are NOW drying & awaiting their final hi-light skin tones & final detailing work (around the eyes, gums etc). They still need to have their tongue fitted & then teeth (in that order) but this is how i do that part of the job anyway. I have a small selection of pre-made tongues to choose from but can't seem to find the teeth i had pre-made. Not to worry i can make the teeth reqired in about an hour or so. The Troll Screamer witch will be having a dress fitting tomorrow lol. So having said that they WILL be finished come Monday then i can get to work on doing NEW short video for Sharky to post under the give away competition rules.

My first dragon vase has a short time ago had it's second 'base coat' added which will show through & hi-light the cracks when finished. So sometime tomorrow i will be mixing up a medium sized batch of bone mix dragon skin (off white) which i will be breaking down into smaller amounts. Each smaller amount will be coloured accordingly so i can then paint it onto the dragon vase to create the 'aged' cracked porcilane finish.

One of the two stores where i normally buy our large 16" rotting room fans from is getting a supply in next week. They will only be a limited amount, but with luck my wife B (Barbara) can zip up the street which is a 10 minute taxi ride from where we live & buy two. So hopefully next weekend i can FINALLY get on with making my air cooled drying chamber. I will of course post the very simple HOW TO both here (a static picture based step by step HOW TO) as well as a 10 minute video HOW TO on YouTube.

Once i get these first two Troll Screamers done i can then concerntrate on sorting other WIPs & repairs ready for selling. More on that later though. Right now it's just been so long since i have been doing things ON TIME that i thought i might share my good mood/news with you all lol.

Right break time is over got to go get back to work on Sharky lol.

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