Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


As i am moving closer to selling what i make i figured best to start with some simple projects that have a relatively fast creation time (once i can dedicate more time to them) but that still look good. As well as a few of my older finished (most now requiring major repairs) projects i am thinking of getting started by selling my dragon vases, large ornimental dishes & a few custom swords. The latter is of course being what i have been featuring these 'what i did this weekend' posts on, all be it mostly late going to post.
So with all that in mind here is what i got up to this weekend gone:

To begin with i decided to make a NEW axe blade for my skull axe weapon. The original became much heavier than i wanted seing as the skull on the axe is already way more heavy too than i originally intended. I figured why not start over on the blade.

4 of the more swords came down off the wall for the next stage in their creation. That being to strengthen the actual blades prior to the creation of the raised cutting edges on each sword. Here are my first 2 swords. These are around 1 meter long. These swords are a matching pair & will be sold as such when finished. All the swords will come with their own display stands too later.

From the first pair i decided to celebrate my first projects to be sold (later) with a single special edition sword & dagger designed around the custom swords shown above.

Next up another matching pair (again to be sold as a pair) these are more cerimonial type custom blades.

Now to a pair of sword blades that are similar to each other but are to be sold as individual swords later. I like this design & might just do a special edition version of these two blades later, not sure yet time is never on my side.

Now comes my 'other' dragon vases. The first in case you can't read my scribble on the side measures around: 57cms tall by 90cms wide. ALL of the vases i am going to show you were only just started this weekend (gone) so don't look like much at this stage of course. At the moment these are only 1 layer of news print (used to start the paper strip layers on the balloons) then 3 layers of 80gsm white printer paper so far. I will be adding another 3 layers of 80gsm paper strips to ALL the vases shown before adding the dragons & painting with coloured dragon skin later.

The second dragon vase stands around: 53cms tall by 87cms wide.

The next stands at around: 57cms by 84cms wide.

The last current dragon vase stands at a squat: 47cms tall by 92cms wide & of course is a sphere shaped design. I do have other similar & more custom designs planned & will  show you those later (when i make them lol). For now i will post pictures of the development of these 4 as i work on them. 

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