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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Here is a quick & amazing tough tissue paper pulp recipe. It takes minutes to make & can be used just like any pulp & is near to paper clay as you can get without the clay being added.

Mix up some PVA glue & water to a 50/50 ratio. Take some plain x2 ply tissues or toiletry paper, kitchen towel type paper then either tear into strips by hand or better still run them through a blender.

Prepare slightly more than you think you will need this way you are less likely to run out so far through a project. Making a new batch may not be exactly the same mix as before. So it’s best to have slightly more at the start.

Now slowly add the tissue & mix thoroughly as you go. Keep going until all the glue/water is mixed in evenly. Leave to stand anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to allow the tissue to soak up the glue/water.

Add more tissue if the tissue pulp is still watery, or more glue/water if too dry & unmanageable. Leave it to stand until the glue/water is all soaked into the tissue. Then use as you wish gently squeezing out any excess glue/water that might have collected into the bottom of the whole mix. Giving it a regular mix during the use will ensure the glue/water stays relatively even throughout the use of the tissue pulp. 


  1. Wow!! Thanks for posting this...I have a whole box of tissues that are missing their box..They will become paper pulp...I love checking out your how tos...thanks 4 sharing!!


  2. Your welcome glad i could help lol.

  3. This looks so easy to make! I am using a recipe from which you might like to try (this isn't my recipe, no self-promotion!). I'm going to give yours a go as uncomplicated recipes are few and far between!

  4. Flirty Myrtle: It's a fast to make easy to use (don't make it watery) recipe that makes near undestructable pulp lol. MY art is based on some artists who may have limited funds so finding easier cheaper methods & materials is always my goal.

    Yes i have seen that recipe. In actual fact 2 weeks before they used/published that recipe i was about to do a similar recipe myself & i was going to call it 'Dragon Pulp' as is 'theyre's based closly on MY Dragon Skin recipe. Sadly before i got the time to try it out & publish the recipe they beat me to it. So i never followed through on that one lol.

    My recipe would have simply been to add tissue to my Dragon Skin. No extra oils etc, most pulps simply don't require it.