Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Monday, 21 September 2009


As well as two small/medium sized maggot puppets the prototype shown further below. I am working on a large demon skeleton puppet called BONEY 'D (Boney Demon). He may be larger, much larger than the maggot puppets i am working on but he will operate with the same simple principle mech system. The maggot puppets eye mech will instead operate BONEY 'D's jaw. The maggot puppets mouth mechs will operate BONEY 'd's arms. His head rotation & head nodding work on a completely different mech system. You can see a short video of BONEY 'D moving his head around on a YouTube video in my extensive video listing at the bottom of this page.

His arms are yet to be fitted along with his mouth mech, but you can get a good idea of how he works so far in the short video. He is a two handed operated puppet. Only his head, mouth & arms are set to move. I do have plans to attempt to add movement to his hands too, but this is no longer a certainty at this stage.

Before anyone asks i will not be showing you in any video's or in this blog HOW he works. He is part of the series of projects i plan to use for my DVD Book on advanced paper mache i will be working on at the turn of the new year. Even though i placed a blurb at the end of the short video saying not to ask i STILL get people asking how he works. I would appreciate it if people would recpect my wishes & not ask. I really hate to say no to people i already give a lot of my secrets away for free. Which includes the how my mech money box fish worked. This one is simply chalked up to my getting a little bit back later. I had hoped people might understand this?

To see more details on him so far simply click on any of the pictures below to bring up a bigger picture in your browser. I use IE 8 so cannot say how 'other' browsers may react to this.

Balloons were used in his creation believe it or not lol.


  1. Hi Jonty,

    Found you through another blog and glad I did...have missed your creations. I was a member of the paper mache yahoo group some time back, but left the group some time back. Look forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. Hi there stranger lol. More loads more to come i promise. Spread the word i wouldn't mind a few more followers lol.

  3. Jonty, Looking forward to your book! Will be one of the first in line!

  4. Why thankyou Luella. What a great vote of confidence. It's a DVD BOOK remember so i will be filming & editing it all myself. Something i can do but of course this will take some time. Every section how ever WILL cover many aspects of advanced static & 'mech' paper mache projects. Along with recipes, hints, tips & tricks. All laid out in their own video sections. You simply would choose a project or information section from a typical video style menu & away you go lol. But that's another topic for a time closer to when it's ready lol. BONEY 'D & a few other projects i will show/preview here & on YouTUbe are being worked on NOW as they are so big & extensive in the making i need them ready for later to save some time for when i start the book properly.

  5. You my friend, are allowed to use balloons, or anything else for that matter. Your blog keeps growing in fantastic ways. Amazing. I'd tell you to keep up the good work, but I know you couldn't stop even if you wanted to.

  6. Why thank you Dan. Don't worry i 'do' know & understand too that it's okay for 'other' artists to both mention & as some do too even gripe over what some artists make projects from. I have 'never' taken any of your comments written or spoken as either a direct or inderect 'dig' or well anything, nor would i ever lol.

    Oh don't worry i was torn in starting a blog, now i am commited. Being ill these last couple of days & not being able to mache nearly had me 'commited' i can tell you. I should be back on track again by tomorrow lol.

    Oh how's the maggot working out when i am here?

    You had any idea's on dressing him up or are you still just going to leave him as is lol?