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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Ever wanted to make a 3D star or moon to make a cool 3D mobile? Well here is a really simple way to do it. When you come to make your own versions simply scale up or down the design. Since there is no limit to scale involved it's all down to materials & scales you have in mind. Okay lets get going on this one.

Start by using a card stock you are familiar with. Here i am using recycled serial box card. It's strong, flexible & light weight.

Depending on how many 'points' you want your star(s) to have is down to the angles of the smaller point next to my thumb. How you define this dictates just how many points your star will have when built. The angles of the smaller lines here are set at 75 degrees to make my five pointed star. An angle of 55 degrees will make a four pointed star. ALL these sections MUST ALL be identical too. The best way to make sure ALL are identical is to draw one out, cut it out, then use it as a drawing template to make more.  You will need to make 10 sections for a five pointed 3D star no matter the size (2 per every point).

When you have ALL the sections drawn out. BEFORE you cut them out this is the best time to 'score' a folding line in them that we will need later. They will curl less & be easier to hold whilst being supported by the outter edges of the card. To score them use a blunt edge. I use the back edge of my scissors & & a ruler as a guide of course.

Now cut ALL the sections out as neatly as you can. Any defects in the edges WILL alter the final shape of your star(s).

Compare ALL your pieces against the template section to make sure they are as exact as possible. Discovering an edge that is out of shape when building will make things difficult at best.

Now take each section in turn & fold along the scored line you made before you cut them out.

Now you need to tape the smaller edges together. Take five sections & lay them flat then tape them all together. Masking tape is intended not to stay in place perminantly. So using something hard & smooth rub it down as you work your way around the joins.

Turn it over & tape the other side of the joins.

Now you have one side of your 3D star completed.

Now repeat what you just did with your remaining five pieces of star points (assuming you are making a single star).

Thats the hard part finished. You are now ready to begin to create your 3D star.

Now take one of the newly completed sides of your star & turn it over so the 'scored' side is facing 'outwards'.

Now lay the second side on top of it with it's 'scored side facing outwards (opposite to the fist side).

Line up the edges then tape them together. Leave one point un-taped.

Hold the un-taped final section as close as possible to where it connects to the rest of the star. Squeeze both sides gently until it pops open.

MY star is big enough to fit my hand inside the points. If you can not then find something that WILL fit. Then ease it in. Hold another 'taped' point in the same way. Now at the same time, ease the middle of the star 'out' & squeeze the point you are holding gently. Your star should instantly & all at once 'pop' into the final 3D shape.

Now keeping the star in it's 3D configuration tape down the edges of the last point.

You should NOW be the proud owner of your first true 3D star.

Alternate your star(s) sizes & amount of points they have. If you are following this guide to make a hanging mobile this will make it more interesting to look at.

In the second & last part of this feature i will show you how to make a novel matching 3D moon to go with your stars. I will also be showing you a very 'unique' way of attaching the stars too that will add to the fun of the whole project. Until then if you found this feature was not quite as clear as it was intended you can find the link to the HOW TO video on YouTube if that will make it any easier for you to follow. The link is in my YouTube links list at the bottom of the blog. Click on '5 MINUTE QUICKIE #8'.


  1. Lovin' the tutorials...thanks Jonty.

  2. Just dropping by again to let you know I'm hawking your site on my blog. Your work is incredible and you are always so generous to show your readers how to's. Have a good one.

  3. The more people i can inspire the more people might take this art up. The more people that do that the more 'I' can be inspired back & get more idea's from lol. I was never very good at math at school (hell i was never at school lol) but this seems like a good equation to me lol. Thankyou & your welcome.

  4. Nah being generous isn't everything i get back as much as i give. Anyway just wait until i start billing you all (place evil laugh here) i'll be rich ha ha ha.

    The world is as dark & as cold as we want to make it, OR it's as warm & freindly too if we only but try. Give me light & freindly any day.

  5. Georgina said... "I'm hawking your site on my blog."

    P.S. Thankyou so much very kind of you.