Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Masks if you have the tallent for making them they are great fun to do. They do not have to follow a pre-set theme or require a special holiday or event to be worn. What if how ever you want to make them but either find you don't have the tallent for doing it or do not know how or where to start.

Well masks are very easy to do. Once you have made your first mask you will find that with very simple adjustments a single mask design can easily become so many different masks. Below are some simple masks i have made & am working on.

This is a mask one of my elder sons asked me to make for him to wear whilst attending a particular party at a night club. Even though it's made from paper mache he asked me if i could make it look like black leather. He also wanted to wear it as much as possible without having to worry about breathing or sweating in it. So he asked if i could fit in some air vents in the front sides. Both requests were very simple to accomplish once he gave me his design for the mask. The air vents are to the front on both sides & are simply heavily meshed material which once painted to match the mask blended in rather well. Black water based paints mixed with PVA glue then coated twice in a clear glass spray gave the paint a deep leather look & feel too when touched. Not knowing it was not real leather was hard to determine unless you looked inside the mask or saw it being made.

This is a set of masks i have been messing around with on a casual basis. Rarely having the time to do anything worth while with them until recently when the mask making bug took hold again. ALL three masks shown here are made from the same black mask on the right. The tricks i will be showing you how to make & then alter identical copies of a single mask are extremely simple to do & yet you can make so many variations it's mind boggling.

To prepare for this feature i have started on some demon skull masks too. Seen here below. The coloured mask on the bottom right is still undergoing it's transformation but more about that later. The other three are merely blanks i will be using in this feature to show you how simple it really is to do.


  1. Jonty, how did you get that mask to fit your son so perfectly. Really Cool!

  2. Hmm a hard one to answer without sounding like i am boasting really.

    To begin with whilst having a striking male face my son has rather simply features to follow, speaking from an artists perspective that is. By that i mean to be able to draw faces amongst other things 'seeing' the angles etc of someone you have known since birth then some 20+ years. Making the mask fit perfectly, well was easy.

    The masks design being a simple straight forward design plus, test fitting whilst it was still a little wet & pliable also meant i could 'ease' the shape then 'hold' it there with masking tape whilst the drying completed.

    Sounds like a lot but in reality only took a few minuites here & there.

  3. i would really like to know more about how you bad the mask....if you wouldnt mind

  4. If you read or have read the post 'ONE OF MY DRAGONS BIT ME TODAY' you will learn i sliced a finger the other day (yesterday & my first finger on the left hand). Being diabetic on insulin means i run a slightly higher risk of blood infection than 'norms' noramsl people as i like to amuse myself calling them 'norms'.

    Anyway the cut is deep & quite wide & will require a few days to knit a little so theres less chance of pulling the cut open. Ever tried PM'ing or anything with a bulking plaster 1cm from a finger end? Bloody awkward i can tell you lol. Give me a couple of more days for this cut to close a little more then i will reveal ALL i promise.

    I was going to start this feature in a day or two anyway so it's not like i am keeping everyone waiting but for a couple of days more lol.

    For now i can tell you if not show you yet. The masks shown are direct copies (will show how soon) of a bought commercial plastic mask. I will show how to both copy a store bought masks for the less tallented amongst us but then totally change it so it neither infringes on copyrights & becomes a different or indeed as many different masks as you like very soon.