Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Hi all sorry for the lack of updates in here recently thanks to my lovely son (Simon - one of six children) who loves it seems to come down with flu bugs & colds as much as he can & i mean on a weekly basis here lol. This combined with a delay in getting my flu jab this year. I have come down with a wonderful flu bug which since these last three years i have not suffered from more than twice, this making three times now in as many years. This flu is knocking the stuffing out of me. Doing anything mache related let alone being able to see straight means things are a little behind in here even by my standards.

I am however during odd boughts of the occasional hour or two here & there after loads of sleep doing my best to finish started projects as well as prepare things in my wish list (on the right there) for my blog. I have a fresh batch of flu drinks & cough medicines coming in shortly (my wife just went to the shops to buy them lol). So i should be back on track in a few days, Monday next week at the latest. At which time i shall be posting loads more goodies in here for you all.

Aha!, my medical supplies just arrived. I am off to go get topped up with drinks & medicines & more sleep. I will be back soon.



  1. Jonty,
    Loads of good thoughts and good wishes to you and your family!
    Get healthy, we all miss you!

  2. It's my family that made me ill lol... Nah you gotta love your children haven't you lol. That's the curse of having so many children one makes them all ill then they make YOU ill lol. I have been dosing up on lemsip & cough medicine all day am just about to retire to bed with another lemsip. I should definately be back on some kind of track in the next few days lol.

  3. I can't even imagine having six of them. We just had two and now we have our six year old grandson living with us.

    And like you, EVERY TIME he gets sick so do we.

    Six of them? God bless you but no thanks!

  4. Yes 6 of them 2 girls & 4 boys lol: Adrian 27 (about to turn 28 this December 22nd), Anna-louis just turned 24, Roy (pictured below with the full bodied grim reaper) 22, Simon 20, Megan 15 & Phillip 13 (about to turn 14 this December 22nd).

    My first born Adrian & last born Phillip were born on the SAME day, hows thats for freaky lol.

  5. Mine are Christopher 36 and Elizabeth (Becky) 32. And of course the grandson Justin 6 1/2. Can't forget that 1/2 you know!

    Say, Jonty, if you don’t mind, I have a couple questions.- kinda personal.

    First, where do you live? Some of the terms you use don’t sound typically American – almost more British.
    (Your wife going to the shops (instead of the store) for your meds.)

    Also, are you able to make a living with your art? If so, how?

    If you don’t want to answer,I fully understand. Or if you prefer to answer in private, my email is

    Glad to see you up and about again! Looking forward to seeing the rest of that dolphin project!


  6. Lol totally correct, Very British with a dash of Welsh blood thrown in from my grandfathers heritage.

    In the PMA group we share i tend to use more Americanised terms such as store etc it saves a LOT of explainning what many UK terms are over & over lol, but pretty much everyone knows me there & where i am from by now. But this being 'my' place i just go with being me lol.

    If you Google Map: 17 Beechway Ashington Northumberland UK & or with the post/zip code NE63 9TD. You should find me easily lol. IF it shows up (not sure if it will) MY house is the one with the concrete wheelchair ramp on the side just off-set from the school field corner. 2nd house off the end.

    Making a living from my art?

    Well there are a couple of factors working 'against me' there:

    1: My children still at home tend to blunder around the house not caring what they knock over. Many times never picking up what they knock over, nor telling anyone. 9/10 times it's MY creations still being made or finished. Which they then often break in some way. Many of which i repair only so many times then just bin. My wall mounted grim reaper. My 3rd eldest son at home has snapped it's right arm 4 times now running down the stairs. The last time he nearly tore 4 nasty gashes in his upper arm from grims skeletal hand the last time he did it. I still have the arm to fix & the scythe too.

    2: I am trying to get as many 'varied' projects finished as i can 'before' i sell anything. This way i won't get branded as an artist with a 'single' style or type of work i produce. Whilst i DO want to be recconised as being a paper mache artist, I also want to be known to be able to create as varied works as i can.

    Since you left your email addy in the messages section here i assumed you didn't mind it being published so left it in. Here's mine:

    Email/Yahoo ID:

    MSN Messenger:

    Finally my old image repair etc website that i haven't updated in sooo long now:

    I will be posting MORE on the dolphin project today. I have just.... Well you will see in the next hour or two lol.