Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 8 October 2009


In the normal run of things i would leave this until the plaster was totally dried, but i knew there may be leaks down the sides of the dolphin that would cause more problems than i need once fully dried. So i removed the outter card box covering once it was dried enough to allow me to. When using clay or plasticine to make a mold let it fully dry. You should be able to create a good seal around the object being cast easily & should not have any concerns at this stage.

I can re-use this piece of the box for the next stage of plaster pouring.

It turns out that the leakage was not as bad as i thought considering i sealed the edges of the dolphin using only masking tape.

Now it is just a case of cleaning up these edges for the next plaster stage.

This i did by using a craft knife a piece of a hack saw blade (a metal cutting saw blade) & a pig hair bristle brush.


Then i added a few 'keys'. These are simply small indentations. I will be making the two halves of the dolphin seperately in each half of the mold but if i choose to cast a dolphin in a whole mold these 'Female keys' will make sure both halves come together exactly when put together with pulp packed inside. When i cast the second layer of plaster the 'Male Keys' will be formed.

Now to build up the next layer for plaster pouring. Using that piece of box from the first stage.

Once in place i hot glued it there to both hold it & seal the inner edges too.


At this point on i did exactly what i did with the first stage. I waxed the entire inside of the card stock box & all over the dolphin. This time how ever the card stock HAD soaked up the double coating of wax from the first time around. But i had to double coat the new plaster of course. Even though it was not 100% dried it still soaked up the wax. I mixed & pourd the plaster exactly as before including the tapping to bring up & out any bubbles that may have formed during the mixing & pouring. Now this is going to require a few days to dry fully. I am going to give it until some time next week to be sure it is 100% dry so there will be no updates on this feature until possibly next weekend. 

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