Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Well that's me out of the PM'ing fun for a few day's. Because i start so many new projects before finishing others i have more than enough unfinished projects to keep me going for well lets just say quite some time. Thanks to so many i simply don't have the room to start anything more bigger than hand sized. Because i have so many projects to finish the only way i can finish them without getting bored i decided a while back the only way i could catch up with this massive task is to cycle through each unfinished projects a few at a time for a week or two then move on to the next batch. Today i am back on with my full dragons & i got a fair bit done too. I had just modyfied a dragon head that i want to plaster mold & copy for a series of similar styled dragons, about 6 or so of that same type. Whilst it's to one side drying ready to be copied in plaster i decided that i'd finish of some of the foil copied bodies i started some time ago.

That's when i saw red, litteraly. I had just cut open a foil copied body & instead of easing open the cut, pulling out my fingers then pulling it open further along. I went & ran my fingers along inside the cut foil & paper layers. Mercifully there are few to no nerves in the sides of the finger tips (I know this as i hate cut fingers so i jab my fingers on the sides to do my blood monitoring for my insulin). So before i felt anything a nice oval area around an inch & a half suddenly went red on the edges of the dragons body were my fingers were.

When i pulled my fingers out i discovered i'd just sliced my first finger on my left hand half way around about a centimeter from the end of the finger. A deep slice too. Sometimes i wonder if reduced feeling in my left arm & lack of nerves in the edges of the fingers IS such a blessing. It took a few minutes for the bleeding to stop so i knew i'd clipped a vein. One small mercy is the reduced feeling in that hand & the fact the cut is neat edged once the bleeding stopped i figured it should be closed up enough to use the finger safely without pulling the cut open too easily in a few days. The worst part is i was really enjoying working on my unfinished dragons again it's been a while. Oh well i suppose i should see this as a good time for a short rest until my finger knits a little. Either that or my dragon was having a go at me for leaving it so long & attacked me out of spite. Hmm i think i might call that one spite lol.

So for me it's down glue brush until the weekend at least possibly next week. My big question is now: When is this going to start hurting, it's quite a wide & deep slice so it WILL hurt eventually. I hate cuts on fingers agggggh!.


  1. Jonty - Jonty - Jonty,
    Maybe you and Stolloween should get together on a series of posters for PM'img Safety.

    If you two can't stay safe, what kind of chance do the rest of us have?

  2. You think lol. Cuts or jabs to the fingers (being diabetic on 2 kinds of insulin is such fun having to jab my fingers several times a day to check my Blood sugar levels - NOT). So what's the MOST STUPID thing i can do? Run my fingers along a razor sharp foil & paper layered edge lol. Dumb or what. I think the first poster should be my face holding up my finger pronouncing 'leave it to the idiots & you'l be safe' lol.