Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


With several large dragon heads still unfinished along with some new design troll screamers there is something i have been racking my brains on that i would like to create. Glass eye's. Of course i do not have the materials or the facilities to make actual glass eye's, but i have spent some time trying to think of a way to make what appear to be glass eye's.

Now before i get a sudden influx of responces giving me an abundance of websites where i can buy pre-made eye's. Many of my dragon heads are large for one thing. Not to mention i do not just want standard looking eye's in most of them. Some i want to be full red flecked with oranges streaks running through them. Others i want to be pure green, red or... Well what ever fits the dragons at the time. Remember too these dragon heads are large. I do not want to buy what there is available & then have to build my dragon heads to suit. I do not want to just buy what is 'close to' what i want either because thats all there is.

Is this too much to ask i wonder? No it's not.

Well as i say after much thought (again) i think i might have a soloution to it. Before i go running off making a stack of golf ball & tennis ball eye's though i am going to approach this sensibly & make some small eye's to begin with around 1 inch in diameter. That way it won't take long to make them, use much materials & should not take too long to dry them too. The 3 key problems that have been hampering me so far are:

1: Materials to use that have minimal shrinkage when drying.
2: Transparency loss/fade when drying & exposed to strong light when being displaid.
3: Strength when dry & after long term aging.

As i have shown with my first troll screamer Sluggich then his screamer counter part MOTS i CAN make simple balls or spheres of most any size i want & simply paint on the pupils & iris, cartoon or otherwise. Thats neither a problem or what i want. When it comes to things like beasts heads etc there is nothing that sets it off be it a cartoon sculpture or a realistic life like beast sculpture like a pair of eye's with real depth to them. That small clear domed front all eye's have on the very front. Thats how i want to create them. As i say at will & to any size i wish.

So have i found a soloution or not? It's Wedenday now. So if i can hold on until 4 more days i may just still be sane enough to give it another go lol. I will of course post any results that lead anywhere right here lol.

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