Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Having caught a nasty flu bug for only the third time in as many years & lived through it to tell the tale - again by some unknown miracle (Hey i'm a man & men moan over the slightest cough. Or so my lovely wife reminds me everytime i end up in hospital with chest pains, elevated ketones or something equaly knock anyone off theyre feet kind of thing lol). Anyway rambling a bit.

As well as wanting (needing to for a project) to plaster cast & mass produce some dolphins. I want to mass produce some demon/skull type masks too. So with this in mind i have been 'as best i can' whilst being ill picking at a project that didn't take much effort physically or mentally. Am i rambling again... Feels like it? Trust me i will get to the point shortly lol.

Whilst i am showing you how to (or how i fared) plaster casting my dolphin (previous post below) I want to also merge the plaster casting section with another project (my demon/skull masks). So in a day or two (haven't taken any pictures for the feature yet lol) when i start the dolphin casting it will divert slightly to my demon/skull masks i will be casting too but only briefly). This diversion how ever will only be to point out some things that are important to know when plaster casting or plaster molding. The FULL demon/skull mask plaster casting will for the most part remain with the feature on 'that' project when i get it done for inclusion in here.

I just thought i would give you all a quick heads up on 'why' my dolphin plaster casting project suddenly starts rambling on about masks in the mix too lol. Hmmm or was it just that not being able to think straight or even wanting too through a head filled with blood vessel crushing pressure whilst my eye's teared up 24/7 & every joint in my body screamed no don't measure the cough medicine with a pathetic little spoon like that - just put a teat on the dam bottle? Now i CAN think straight again am i just perhaps rambling on here because i have a back wash of unused thoughts that have nowhere to go i wonder?

I DO know for sure i AM rambling now so before i totally lose the plot i will scoot off now & let you poor souls try to work out just what the point of 'this' post was about. I suspect most of you should get what i was driving at.