Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Some time ago when i first started sculpting with paper mache i decided that i wanted my sculptures to be as hollow as possible as well as wanting to work primarily with paper strips as apposed to just pulp. But i soon discovered i needed a LOT of layers to make the then large dragon heads i started making strong. I was using the same PVA glue i was using then as i do now as apposed to using traditional flour paste. Not that flour paste is bad, i just wanted things to dry as quickly as possible since working mostly with strips takes longer. One day i hit on the idea of how much stronger would flour paste be if i added PVA glue to it?

Not only did it supass my expectations in strength it was also extremly light weight once dry too. I quickly found i could work with as few as 6/8 layers of strips & 3 1mm thick layers of dragon skin. The standard news print i still use became as strong as 10/15 layers of paper for every 6/8 layers i used with a 1mm coating of dragon skin. Since i was working on dragon heads this is why it got this name by the way.

I soon realised i could do much more with my dragon skin too. As seen here you can paint in a 3D fashion with it. Since dragon skin dries in around 15 minutes (fan assisted) you can quickly & very easily build up a 3D effect painting.

It then occured to me if i can 3D paint with it i could then use this technique to easily add finer details to my sculptures without then having to add card & paper or foil to make the fine detailing. Making skulls was my first attempt at doing this as seen below. Here is a skull axe in the early stages of enhancement with dragon skin as a 3D paint.

My dolphin figure/body which i am currently using to plaster cast a mold from was also created using dragon skin. If you are following that feature you will know it only took 10 layers of 'bone mix' dragon skin to create the dolphin. Bone mix dragon skin is simply dragon skin with around a 3rd more PVA glue added to it to create, well a bone hard & smooth finish.

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