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Thursday, 11 February 2010


Hi everyone i need the help of everyone or at least as many as i can get who visit my blog. Basically ANYONE who has a little spare surfing time free once in a while. If you can research something for me?

I need to know what & how many kinds or forms of 'paper molding' are being used today to compare this method i am trying out in one of my experiments. It makes no difference what type of 'negative mold shell' is being used, plastic, plaster, metal, clay, rubber etc. It is the methods of 'HOW' the paper is being added INTO A NEGATIVE MOLD i need to know.

I need ANY pictures, links etc for comparison. Be they commercial methods or amature. I don't want to say just yet 'what' i am doing exactly for two reasons:

1: I don't want people to 'just' research 'what' i am doing as in exactly the same way as i am doing it. I want the search to be as varied as possible & it HAS to be 'paper' that is being molded ONLY. NOT paper clay or any paper 'mixed' media just 'plain paper'.

2: I would of course like to claim fame to the process if no one is doing anything like it that is a given lol.

ANYTHING & i mean ANYTHING relating to 'paper' NEGATIVE MOLDING METHODS. Obviously this is something i could research myself but the more eye's i have on the research the faster i get results. It goes without saying of course i WILL share the technique with the everyone. I just need as much 'comparison' information as i can get my hands on to make sure this is not something thats been done before, or as i am doing it.

Thanks ALL in advance. There is NO time limit for this research to be done in. As soon as possible would be great but i need to know the search is/has been as thorough as possible. Remember it makes NO difference what type of material the NEGATIVE MOLD is made of being used as long as the 'material being molded is paper' ONLY.

Once again thanks in advance.


  1. Ok,I will start...I take the original creation made from using paper mache balls using the Dan Reeder technique and make a mold of it first before continuing onward.My creation is first given a complete layer of masking tape before the mold making process begins.I then brush on a very thin coat of glue to make it tacky and lay on a single layer of saran wrap,dabbing it onto the piece so it lays down flat with no air bubbles behind it.Once it is completly wraped in a thin layer of saran wrap I do six layers of newspaper mache.My paste mixture is flour,water,and a couple ounces of glue.When dry it is cut off in as few sections as possible and then temporarily taped back together to prevent warping until completely dry.The shell comes off beautifully and is thin,hard,strong,and very light weight.I then continue on finishing the original piece I used originally to make a mold from.If I want, I can always make another shell from the shell I just created using it as a mold.

  2. Thank you Kent. Unfortunately i just realised i didn't word my post clearly enough until you commented above. my bad sorry. I was refering to NEGATIVE MOLDING PROCESSES. not 'external modling.

    If anyone wants to see how Kent has adapted my foil method of external foil molding then pop right on over to his site right now. Kent is prooducing some superb results that deserve looking at i promise you that you will not be dissapointed.