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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Sometimes a simple idea is a greater thing than you first realised. Sometimes it's not until a fellow artist comes up with the same idea that you realise just how great that simple idea actually turned out to be.

Recently fellow artist & friend Kent Goodwin combined another artist friend Dan Readers extremely fast & wonderful creature 'cloth mache' making idea with an 'adapted' version of my foil copying idea (he uses cling film as apposed to my foil) & is now creating some wonderful dragon head trophies with it. Whats next from that creative genius i wonder lol.

I wish i could claim the fame to being the creator of the idea of using foil to copy but sadly i can't. I can say that i HAVE been using foil to copy forms for more than 2 years now though refining it along the way. But it was not until just yesterday when i was doing my rounds through my blog listings i follow that i discovered that another brilliant fellow artist whos works never cease to amaze me whilst bringing a smile to my face when ever i see anything new he has done. Not only has the ever marvelous paper boy been adding to his collection of fantasic creations. He has also used the foil approach to copy of all things a 'skull'.

In actual fact it's to emulate an album cover he has but what caught my attention was not only has such a brilliant artist who has no need to use corner cutting techniques such as foil copying, did so & also did so using a 'skull' - Awesome.

Here is what he created:

To get the FULL story shoot on over to his blog right now. You will not be disapointed i assure you. Click HERE to pop on over to his blog.

Permision was sought & given for me to use this image. Permission IS NOT given to copy this image from here. If you want a copy of this image or anythng else by the paper boy then seek permission directly from the artist. Thankyou.

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