Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


So finally all air dried not directly by or near to any radiators etc. The cash trap box section is workable again. So without any further rambling from me lets move on to the next stage shall we.

To begin with 'before' i begin to add the foam effect to the top of the cresting wave i need to position the & fix in place the cash/dolphin holder slot in the top of the wave. Here it is finally dried after i decided to add a few more layers of strips for good measure. I figured since this dolphin is to be removed & replaced often then best play safe & make it good & strong by adding a few more layers of strips. It has around 6/8 layers of strips on it now more than enough for such a small area. I, er!, forgot to keep count sorry. That said a little common sense here will help YOU determin how thick to make this piece i would assume?

Becuase i first layered the dolphins 'support' underneath with foil it slides right off the dolphin.

The masking tape covered foil then itself slides right out of the coin slot too.


I cut a hole roughly the shape of the coin slot/dolphin holder into the wave. It needs to be as close as possible to this piece so draw around it to make it right. But when cutting it out IF you are a little 'crude' don't worry as i will show you in a few minutes this is to be reinforced & covered up anyway. So any rough edges WILL be supported fully & hidden too.

I inserted the coin slot/dolphin holder but DID NOT glue it in place YET as i want to set the angle for the dolphin when it sits in the coin slot/dolphin holder for the final design.

I set the final desired angle WITH the dolphin in place this way i can see it's right before fixing in place perminantly.

Now to the foam on the top of the cresting wave. For this i am going to use some stage 1 pulp 'nuggets'. That is to say pulp that has gone through the blender as wet paper then left to dry FULLY into odd random sized 'nuggets' as you can see here. If these were to be put through a blender again but this time dry they would produce the much finer shredded 'cotton' like material that you would then mix any desired form of glue in with to make pulp or paper clay etc. As i say though i want to use them as here in theyre 'nugget' stage.

Slowly & steadily i then hot glued each nugget in place around the top lip of the wave & the coin slot/dolphin holder as shown.

The final result. The whole thing is NOW ready to be Dragon Skinned to both smooth out & add  a little more strength to the project. I will be Dragon Skinning the 'inside' only of the cash trap box too. The inside of the wave & the outside of the cash trap box will simply be painted directly as these are initially hidden from everyday sight. I also don't want to alter the near perfect fitting they have right now.

So i will get to Dragon skinning this right away & will be back with the final section of this feature where i will then add the other dolphins to it. Once it's again all dried out. As before it WILL have to be dried by air with NO direct heat source risking the project warpping. Even at this near completed stage even though the whole thing IS quite strong warping CAN still be a factor since the Dragon Skin will to some degree re-soften the project no matter what glue i had used in the constrution.

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