Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


For quite sometime now i have been looking for something to call my own. my own little PM character that not only could be posed in as many ways as i see fit but also to take on 'other' characteristics or looks too. I think i may have found it. Not only found it but have actually been making it/them without realising i had all this time too. Irony creeps up on the best of us many times un-noticed does it not lol.

Dan Reeder the undisputed father/creator of monsters & specifically monster screamers. Set the presidence for said little fantasy creatures of wonder not to mention other marvelous creations besides. It happened that one day the paper mache group i am part of Paper Mache Art decided to set out a new anual challange to honour Dans wonderful little creations by getting some of us the group members to create our 'own' little screamers.

I wanted to do something that was a little off the set mark seeing as i don't like to outright copy other peoples style or work even though of what was created 'none' were directly copying Dans creations. So my first 'Troll' Screamer Sluggich was born shown below.

I also wanted to add a NEW dimension, a new twist to my Troll Screamers too besides the outward looking form of a screamer (a big mouth) i wanted to add the dimension of 'defying gravity' to each one also. As you can clearly see with Sluggich (pre-final painting) he actually appears to be falling over but won't shown below. There is NO camera trickery or image editing involved here i assure you. What you see IS the final TRUE finished position of his whole body.

You may even think he is standing on ALL of those massive feet to achieve this stunt but he IS only standing on the 'back half' of his huge feet. Yet still he will not fall over lol.

Soon after i decided that by making my 'own' little monster screamer i would still not be directly copyig Dans original creatures i would in my own way be honouring his creatures. So then MOTS was born. Again MOTS has his own 'unique' gravity defying stunt too as again you can see below. He IS only standing on his front toes as with Sluggich NOT his whole feet.

Even though MOTS has a tail & large feet he is neither standing on ALL of his huge feet nor is he relying on his tail either for balance. Look more closely at the other pictures below. If you still can't see it clearly click on each image to see a blown up image.

Can you see the 'shadows' under his tail & feet? As with Sluggich MOTS is ONLY standing on a small section of his large feet lol. You can find more pictures & information on Sluggich & MOTS in my older posts. The building of MOTS can be found in one of my YouTube videos too in which i actually 'rock' him then wave a piece of stiff card under his tail to show it is NOT supporting him. Yet he IS top heavy too  to look at!.

Not long after the birth of my first two screamers i set about creating 'more' Troll Screamers after having decided to 'alter' the original deigns of them as you can see below with 4 of my newest Troll Screamer WIPs.

A very different styled Troll Screamer indeed. At the first day of creation with these NEW style Troll Screamers one of my sons Simon said he would love to see me turn one of these into a magic book reading & wand or staff weilding wizard-like troll. At the time i never gave it much thought. I DID how ever want to give these new trolls a theme of sorts but in relation to being a family group. Each having a simple function or status within a family setting.

The other day though whilst working on the second of the new Troll Screamers Simon again raised his thoughts but made it more into a more formal request this time. Below is the little fellow i was working on at the time.

So NOW i realised i HAVE my 'creatures' to work with i can NOW set about creating 'charactors' & 'situations' for them to apear in. With all that said the first new Troll Screamer  WILL be a book holding staff or wand waving wizard. Complete with big witch/wizards peeked hat. Flowing robe like garb & wild out grown whiskers too lol.

To add to this new birth in my creativety i would like to remind everyone i DO NOT use wire frames or supports. Cloth or any other none paper materials in my FINAL creations. I 'may' use none paper or cardstock materials to 'copy' a shape or form but ALWAYS ALL none paper materials ARE removed BEFORE final completion of each project. The ONLY none traditional wood & paper materials i use are: Latex balloons, PVA glue, assorted paper & cardstock including cheap tissue papers, plastic or rubber balls for copying spheres or ball forms & cheap catering foil for mass copying whole forms. So EVEN the clothing of these new Troll Screamers WILL be paper based no matter HOW it may look on completion. I assure you otherwise.

I WILL run a feature on the complete process of HOW i create these guys from balloons to final creation but later. For now you can see how the first of these new projects are developing in the side column under the heading W.I.P WATCH. Also each new Troll Screamer WILL be a one off 'unique' character design. So if & when they go up for sale anyone wishing to purchase them WILL be assured they are getting a totally unique original Darkside creation.


  1. These look like so much fun and you are so nice to share your progression with all of us.
    I think that the idea of the wand holding the wizard sounds awesome. I am looking forward to that one.

    Jonty I am so sorry for your losses.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and thoughts. It means the world to me and it is wise indeed!

    I am having a moment, no, this month I am haivng moments, lots of moments.
    I will be back to my silly, positive, and rose colored glassess in no time.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me, I love you for that!!

  2. Jonty,thank you for visiting my blog.I like Your paper mache sculptures very much!I would like to make some sculptures,masks or dolls from this material someday.Sorry,my english isn't perfect....

  3. Marie S: Lol so am i. I am going to turn the female Troll Screamer into a witch too lol, & the other into a... Well wait & see lol.

    LOSSES: It IS a hard thing to cope with for many people myself included. The two people i lost were long time family friends. I hadn't seen them in a long time. I never even got to their funerals either which IS something i am still coming to terms with.

  4. Ewa: Thankyou I liked yours too lol. MY English isn't so good either & i am a natural born & bred Englishman lol. Don't worry about it lol. I would love to see what you come up with, later, later, no rush lol.