Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Not much to show in this update at the moment as you can see first of all with the male Troll Screamer who will become a wizard later.

I have finished his eyes, ears, nose, nostrils & enhanched his mouth a little more along with his bottom gum. His hat IS completed & ready for fitting which i will be doing right after posting this update. I will also be making the arms & legs for him & the female Troll screamer who is to become a witch below.

She has ALL the same completed sections as the male above but she also has her hat fitted. Without additional items such as hats etc each Troll Screamer IS around 30/35 inches approximately in height from the top of the head to soles of the feet. Additional items such as hats, wands, staffs etc will be defined by each item in turn.

As i was working on these two guys i have been getting some character ideas from my wife & children. I told them i DO NOT want to simply do copyrighted characters how ever. So far they & i have come up with 6 additional new characters for my Troll Screamer series:


Whilst working on these first two Troll Screamers it occurred to me i was going to do a little give away competition when i reached my first 100th post & then every 100 after that. For some reason i forgot to get anything ready for it Doh!. SO, i figured since i am working on this new series of Troll Screamers what if my readers would like the oppertunity to win one?

ALL my Troll Screamers are to be ORIGINAL ONE OFF creations. Even if anyone copies my creations they WON'T be 'original Darkside Creations' created by me. I just need to know if anyone would be interested in this little give away?

Here are my current thoughts on how it will be run & when etc.

Since i missed the first 100th posting i have decided to start this from my 200th posting which won't take me long to reach.

The give away rules i have come up with so far ar as follows. Please note these rules 'may' be changed 'slightly' as i work on this idea:

1] An 'automatic' start date will commence from the 200th posting (ANY subject) by ME here in THIS blog. THAT date is of course unknown at this time. I WILL how ever confirm the start date of said in advance.

2] The PRIZE Troll Screamer 'character' is as yet un-specified but WILL be created & shown on the notification of the START of the competition.

3] The single outright winner will be selected from a pre-set number of posters something like 20. This IS not the final decision at this time.

4] A 2nd & 3rd place winner(s) WILL be set too.

5] 1st prize a fully finished signed Troll Screamer

6] 2nd & 3rd prizes will be a complete set of  'official' Troll Screamer 'blank' parts so you can build & create your very OWN Troll Screamer(s). These parts WILL be ALL the 'main' pieces required to create a Troll Screamer. You WILL of course have to create 'some' items yourself ie: finger/toe nails, hair, skin & paint it yourself too of course etc. Each 2nd & 3rd place winners WILL also  recieve a complete step by step HOW TO guide on CD ROM on how to build the Troll Screamer up. So even IF you have 'never' worked with paper mache before you CAN still do it & have your very own when finished.

Thats it so far. I have to work out a few final details but they WILL follow closely to whats listed above. So what can YOU do whilst waiting for this to get going then?

Well just let me know if you are interested in this give away. Either comment here or any of the following updates on the creation of my first two new Troll Sreamers or Email me here. I am only going ahead with this give away IF i get enough positive feedback for it. So if YOU want to win one let me know BEFORE it all kicks off. Do you know someone who might like to win one or at least the 2nd or third place prizes so they can build theyre own? Let them know today.

More on this soon.

P.S. Permission IS given to copy ANY part of this post by way of spreading the word without asking me. I ONLY ask you DO NOT alter any of the text or images attached. Thank you.


  1. Dude, Jonty, you know I'm there! Go for it!


  2. Lol spread the word my friend i am only doing it if i can generate enough interest. Not to gain blog readers, i get 10/20 a day but to try to access how wanted these creations might be so to set the price whe i come to sell them later. Since they & my wall mounted grim reapers are to be my MAIN builds in the near future to sell. More on that another time thoguh.

  3. Wow! Your work is simply amazing!!!!

  4. Thanks i consider it middle of the road'ish myself but good enough to inspire & show techniques.

    I am in the mouth of the Troll screamer 'pirate' at the moment pulling a late nightr to get him ready as quickly as possible for my give away comp'. I'm working on his mouth & gums right now. Hopefuly i can get his legs & feet on late tomorrow then arms & hands the day after then i can really work on him.

  5. Jonty, What a wonderful idea! I'd love to enter! Would love it even better to win!!

    I tell every one I talk to about paper mache about you and your wonderful creations...what I wouldn't give to be able to SHOW them!

  6. Luella; Why thankyou for the comment & the mentions too so kind in regards to both.

    The competition is very simple as you can see from the rules (right had side of my main blog postings) & starts when i reach 200 posts.

    I have to add Sharky's toe nails & hands today, but when i am done with that i might just post a couple of pictures of his 'looks like so far stage' to help generate some more interest in the competition either later today or tomorrow lol.

    Keep watching the blog for news of the competitions start you evr know you might win him or the official parts to make your own. These guys are increadably simple to make lol.

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