Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So i got to test building a giant clam shell today though i didn't get far today (not full size obviously lol) for a mermaid/dolphin water feature i started some time back. It's a '2 reason' show & tell come how to at this stage as a fellow artist wants to know some ways to make large versions to hold actual plant pots.

So knowing a way to do it quickly & easily  i still need to know how big to make the segments for 'my' version. In the end i made 5 potential sizes. Well the sections to said anyway. For this post i am simply going to show you the pieces, how to make them including copies of the actual templates to the exact same pieces i am working with. Just in case anyone else wants to try this too. For now a quick run down of how i created the pieces.

So here are all my test pieces, well the 5 different sizes of each single clam shell segments anyway. The largest (longest) is some 24cm long. Shown below.

Which looks this big when folded. Don't worry i WILL show you how to cut & fold these shortly.

The curvature of each segment is created & controlled by the amount of 'overlap' in the folding process. Don't worry we will get there keep reading lol.

How it looks from the back, my first test pieces anyway lol.

Here are the pieces that you can print out & use to copy not only what i am showing you but also so you will be using the exact same sized sections too to make this easier to follow as it were. Just right click with your mouse on each image below. Then 'save as' to anywhere you like on your PC.

Print these image out at FULL A4 size for each set of images to get the same sizes i am using.

Cut out each section the glue them to some serial box cardstock. cut along the RED lines but NOT any further along. A typical fully grown giant clam has 5/6 curved ridges along it's open edge as you can see below.

You will need to print & cut out 5/6 'matching sections' of the templates i have given you for your clam shell.

Once you have printed, selected & cut out as well as cut 'into' your chosen sections you fold them like this. Starting at the top for the simple reason 'it makes sense' fold each section down 'onto/over' the section below. as i have shown you here: Part 1 down 'onto/over' part 2. Then part 3 down 'onto/over' onto part 4. Tack each section AS you fold it down with a small piece of tape, then move on down the segment until you have the whole thing done. Repeat for each matching section.

Don't panick if that was total nonsense to you at this stage i WILL do a mini video HOW TO to show you in real time how to do it along with the next stages too in the next post. I am feeling a litle run down today so will have to leave it there for today sorry.

I will close though by just adding to make a full sized or larger than life version simply draw out some similar shaped pieces to corrigated cardstock. Anything bigger than around 30 inches WILL need anything from 2mm pizza cardstock or large corrigated cardstock for anything larger still to maintain strength especially if you intend to use these for more than show pieces ie: funtional plant pot holders.

Anyway more soon i promise, i gotta go stretch out & unwind for the rest of the evening. More tomorrow have fun everyone lol.


  1. this clam shell is just beautiful!!!
    and seeing it's develop is a joy!!!
    but i can't stay longer to digest it well!
    a wall lamp also would look great in this outfit hmmmm

  2. Ildiko: That the beauty of paper mache. Because it is so light weight the possibilities are endless for a single project such as this one. Nice idea lol.

  3. Wow, Jonty, this clamshell project is very exciting. I love clamshells!

    Now that I'm working and have like NO TIME for paper mache, I'm beginning to feel left out and buried by unfulfilled desires to create. Bummer!! But still love to watch you do your thing.

  4. Beautiful! Did you make the video? Woud love to have a go at this.

  5. Barbara, the owner of this site passed away a few year ago. Jonty was a wonderful man who shared many of his well thought out tutorials with us. I still miss him, he was, and remains a Legend in the PM world. RIP Jonty.