Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I was going to be changing the layout for my blog this coming weekend but have decided to stay that off until next weekend. My Boney 'D puppet is screaming at me to get finished. Well actually i am the one doing the screaming as he is slowly dissapearing under a ton of unfinished WIPs & i am a little concerned for his safety. His current place of storage & unfinished state are becoming a real concern to me as he seems to dissapear a little more each time i see him poor sole.

This is Boney 'D for those of you who have not met him yet. You can see a short video of his head movements here: His jaw IS fitted but not shown in this shot. I want to get his jaw mech up & running & his arms & hands mechs on & running too if i can this weekend. Who can say i might actually get it done too... Yeah your right i might not either lol. Oh well come this weekend we will see lol.


  1. Looks great! Looking forward to your progress!


  2. I know how you feel! It seems I have dozens of things in various stages of completion at the moment as well. We'll get there.....

  3. The Frog Queen: Lol i want to get him finished not only because of what i said before but i have 6 other puppets in the works. Well 4 as WIPs & 2 yet to be started.

    They being: 2 Maggots & 2 fish. The yet to be started are a string puppet (chimpanzee) & a string puppet spider.

    The chimp will be a basic string puppet but i am going to incorperate my ball & socket joints for a more flexible movement. The spider i have an idea for a 'single finger' control system that will (should lol) operate all 8 legs leaving the rest of one hand free for other spider puppet related actions.

  4. Moriah: It's murder isn't it lol, having so many things going but the new idea's just pop in your head & won't leave until you start them lol.

  5. Jonty I love BoneyD, please finish him so he doesn't get lost!!
    Thank you so much Jonty, for all your wonderful compliments. You have made my week.
    And thanks for posting again, I appreciate it.

    I also love the NorthUmberland area where you live. What a lucky duck you are.

  6. Marie S: I thought you might appreciate me re-posting, it was no problem lol.

    Oh trust me Northumberland or at least where i live is not so great. It may look good on Google maps etc but there is little to nothing to speak of here in my immediate area.

    I definately am setting aside this weekend for Bonay 'D. I am getting to easily distracted by wanting to make 'new' projects that i am forgetting the fun i was having making what i started already.