Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


As well as getting some work done on Sharky yesterday i actually got to do some 'skinning' on my Troll Screamer witch too. As with Sharky, here the witch & ALL my Troll Screamers the skinning or 'adding the flesh layers' is a step by step process. Most glue(s) are water or oil based. The water based glues in an undilluted stage dry quickly enough. However the PVA based water glue i use CAN be watered down to as much as 80% water & 20% glue & still be a very strong gluing medium for paper mache art projects.

With this in mind & the style, the stance my Troll Screamers have when i water down the glue i use then soak some tissue sheets with it my projects become very heavy until they dry out. With my Troll Screamers having small knee & ankle joints, skinning has to be a step by step process. If i go ahead & skin the entire project with the complete two skin layers the knee & ankle joints will soften & lose the final positions i gave them. So when you look at the following pictures of my Troll Screamer witch you will now understand why she is only 'partially' skinned at this time.

When finished both my Troll Screamer witch shown here & my wizard will be dressed in long flowing dress & robes. I don't simply want to skip painting underneath these area's though so i have to skin the lower sections NOW & when these are dry i need to paint the lower sections (legs & under body) 'before' i add the clothing. This way if anyone looks up under the clothing they will see a nice painted hidden under side too. Mind you these new design of Troll Screamers ARE more anitomically correct. By that i mean they DO have all external female & male sex organs. So anyone looking up the open bottomed clothing of Troll Screamers such as my witch or wizard WILL be facing ahm! a lack of under garments & a FULL view of under parts.

As a 'general rule' how ever outer facing views of said will be covered in clothing (when required) such as the witches breasts seen here will be shown through her dress & not fully exposed as they are here in the construction stage. Only her 'cleavage' will be seen from the outside. Back to my mentioning the weak knee & ankle joints earlier. As you can see whilst i HAVE skinned her upper legs & most of her torso i still have not yet skinned her ankles. Once the upper sections have dried out (over night in a warm room) i will then skin her ankles & feet.

Unlike the Troll Screamer competition prize pirate the acute angle & size of the witches hat means it would not stay on her head easily so i elected to fix her hat perminantly to her head. Here you can see her in her final pose as far as her legs go that is. Unlike sharky the pirate she & the Troll wizard will eventually have some simplistic sandles on their feet when completed.

Okay once again thats all your getting for now lol. More soon of her & the wizard & even some pictures of the mummy too soon.


  1. Oh my...Witchy is a hoot....Well endowed to boot..shes looks Spooky Fun....I look forward to see more as she progresses....

  2. adelesspookyart: Isn't she & isn't she just lol.

    I am busy right now adding the final skin layers to her lower torso etc then she'll be ready for her arms & hands then painting & dressing.

  3. Those are some perky ta-tas, Jonty! Awesome WIP!

    Do a drive by past my blog, I have a little somethin' somethin' for you.

  4. Moriah: I do like my ladies full but generally much prettier tha this little lady will be lol. I wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding that she was indeed a she lol.

  5. Deedra: Wait until you see here in all her full finished state lol. Hope you like green lol.