Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


So i was able to get some Troll Screamer time in yesterday with Sharky the competition Troll screamer pirate. It may not look like much has been done but these things have to be taken in stages as when he is wet he is heavy. As each stage dries i can then move on again. So how does he look so far .Well you tell me here he is with his almost finished face.

I added the new facial features by simply shaping some loose crumpled foil. Because Sharky & his fellow Troll Screamers have a wrinkly skin there is no need to first cover the foil in paper strips to smooth it out before then adding the tissue. The wrinkles in the foil are lost in the wrinkles i create with the tissue layers. In this shot you can see his eyebrows nicely.

Next i added his temples using pizza box card stock. His cheeks are again simply loose crumpled & shaped foil.

His unfinished ear (i forgot to add the tragus Doh!) is trimmed with more tightly shaped foil. In this case a long thin rolled worm of foil was used. I followed the outer shape of his ear with hot glue a section at a time then pressed down the foil to form the outer ridge of the ear as well as the inner sections & lobe. You can not see it in this shot but he actually has a hole in his ear too just like the real thing.

The hole serves two purposes: One it looks a little more realalistic this way. Two it helps the insides of the sculpture to breathe, to dry out fully inside whilst disguising the drying vents. Since paper mache is always drying out in the case of pulp creations sometimes for years this will speed up the much shorter drying process for my 'hollow' creations even faster.

Once i start to add the teeth & tongues to my Troll Screamers it becomes very difficut to paint the inside of the mouths. Even with such an open mouth it really is tricky to paint in there. So i pre-paint the inside of the mouth NOW. I the add the tissue layers to the gums. Once the tissue on the gums is dry i can finish up the paintng in there. Since his eye's & his inner nostrils are to be black too i went ahead & painted those too.

So to finish off for now a couple more pictures then.

Okay thats the ONLY pictures your getting of Sharky until he is finished fully lol.


  1. Good morning Jonty,

    Sorry I'm late. I've been in and out of town for a new job and they're keeping me really busy.

    Something that I can do even with my horrible memory and all.

    Man, I have got to tell you...YOU REALLY NEED TO DO A BOOK JUST ON SCREAMERS!!!!

    You have so much knowledge to share and when I read your posts it just seems like I can't wait to get more and more.

    I've had to put my own paper mache on hold for awhile but hoping to get back into it as soon as I get all my new job training in. Then I'll be on my own and working from home. And of course it will help that my computer and my art supplies are all in the same room.


    Anyway, I'm loving finally being able to get back here and see your progress and read your posts.

    Best to the family!

  2. Luella: Hi hun, no problem 'real life' has to come first for all of us lol.

    Can i be a little rude? Whilst i make the odd 'screamer' originally created by Dan Reader' these are not just 'screamers'. These are 'Troll Screamers'. I add the cpital T & S to emphasise that whilst they are from the 'screamer; genre they are in fact a 'new' breed of totally 'new' creatures. Sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure people understand these are something totally of my own creation & not something simply ripped off.

    I definaely have a book planed - later. In which i WILL be covering these & several 'mechaical' PM projects.

    MY computer & PM work area share the same space because of lack of space but because my computer seat is in the middle of the two & can be in two places at once. A great coincidence lol.

    Lol Your gonna have a lot of catching up to do the lol. Glad to here from you again.

  3. Yes, I actually did know that they are Troll mistake for not stating it that way. I apologize.

    And your absolutely right, I have a LOT of catching up to do. But it’s sooooo much fuuuuun to do!

    And I'll never stay away so long again!

  4. Luella: Sorry for pointing the (slight) error out. It's just if & when the names of these (the descriptive name that is) comes up in any search engines i don't want any confusion between my Troll screamers & Dan Reeders excellent screamers.

    Whilst Dans screamers are awesome they too have a life & mark/standing of their own, i neither want to encroach on that or appear to be ripping it off in anyway - If i can that is.

    Once i get things going here (caught up on unfinished work) things will really kick off, so catching up will be a even bigger task than it might be now lol.

    Glad your having fun & possibly learning a few tricks anyway lol.